It (2017) – Sibling Rivalry

It has finally hit the big screen! Is it as good as they say? Well…It’s complicated. Doug and Rob review the 2017 version of Stephen King’s IT.

Oct 4th It Review Screening

Oct 5th It Review Screening

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  1. I guess it’s not too surprising since you didn’t care for the book, but yeah you guys are definitely in the minority on this one.

  2. I loved this movie! Dang, there’s a lot of great ones you don’t care for. At least you don’t hate it like “District 9”. I guess this upcoming review might offend some people. Oh, you’ve never cared before.

  3. I think I would like the corny version more. Plus, I hate that whole “real kids” thing. This one will be a skip for me. I’m surprised (but I probably shouldn’t have been) that the Walker brothers don’t have the same opinion as the other critics that I’ve watched/read.

  4. Was not hyped for this at all, but I’ll probably head out to the local cinema with my sister to check it out. We actually both worked on Hemlock Grove, the show where Bill Skarsgard got his start. Never would’ve guessed he’d end up as the new Pennywise.

  5. It’s like every good dramatic story that he makes, Stephen King feels obligated to retell it with a supernatural-horror twist. Think about it: Shawshank -> Green Mile (although, to be fair, I like GM). Here, it’s Stand By Me with a magical killer clown.

  6. Thanks for your insight and explaining the problems you had with the film. It’s fact that mediocrity appeals to the masses and whenever the select minority voice their opinion, they can’t take it.

    At least you guys tried to get to the root of the issues. Keep it up guys.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s just appealing to the masses. The majority of critics have liked it, including the ones here on this site.

      • More, It is the opposite. It doesn’t try to be a horror like usual masses expect, It try to be a good story of kids dealing with monster feeding on they fear. The irony of It is that they are capable to drive him back because humans those kids deal on every day are more scary to them then a monster. And It is also a decent adaptation by the way.

  7. “Kids feel more real because they swear” That’s not exactly justifiable.

  8. You knew what “It” was about when you went to see it, and from what I’m hearing, most of your complaints are the fact that it’s exactly what “It” was meant to be. “It” was always “Stand by Me” with killer clowns, even in the original movie and the book (although that’s a very shallow connection, if I’m being honest). It doesn’t seem to make sense to go to the film knowing that, and then complain that it was exactly what you expected. I knew I wasn’t going to be scared by “It”, but I knew I’d have a lot of fun watching it, because I liked the original story. I wouldn’t see a movie I knew I wouldn’t like to begin with– like, for example, if it was based on a book I never cared for.

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