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Critics and audiences seem to be split on this movie. What’s Doug’s take on, It Comes at Night. Let’s find out!

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  1. I was listening to Rush’s Red Sector A while viewing this review, and it felt such a similar tone I had to say something about it (I mean, the lyrics go ‘All that we can do is just survive/ All that we can do to help ourselves is stay alive’ – hell, I even went on searching if it somehow made into the movie soundtrack, and it unfortunatelly didn’t).
    I didn’t watch the movie yet (it didn’t open where I live) but I’m kind of intrigued it might be a new ‘The Witch’ (not that scary but well shot, well acted and with a really creep feeling).

  2. I saw this movie on the weekend, and I did not enjoy it. I’ve seen slow burning horror before, but this one was so slow that I was falling asleep. There was nothing scary in this film, the end is stupid, and it’s pointless. I think the trailers misrepresented this as a horror movie. It’s more of an art house thriller type of movie.

  3. I rarely ever like horror movies so this is a skip for me. Good review though.

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