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It’s the only film to win a Razzie in every category. One of the most despised flicks ever made! Let’s hope NC can get through it.

Check out all the times Adam Sandler does product placements here.

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  1. I don’t give a damn what anyone says, Doug is a still a brilliant entertainer and i’m never going to stop watching NC no matter what.

    • Doesn’t mean he can’t adress the legit concerns tho.
      They have to adress it.
      Also it’s not the first time Michaud is in a controversy.
      This is becoming a shitshow.

      • Well Michaud owns the IP for NC, so dealing with him will be complicated.

        • Or not, if Doug decides no more NC then Michaud has an empty company & goes bankrupt.

          • Doug would also lose money, since this is his job.

            As much as some of us would love to see Mike Michaud get the boot, he won’t be fired. There’s no executive committee that can force him out. Also, Channel Awesome would die without Doug, since he’s the face of the site. Michaud owns the IP to the Nostalgia Critic and so even if Doug were to part ways from Michaud, he couldn’t take the character with him. Michaud will most likely just shift the focus of Channel Awesome to just Doug’s and his team’s videos, and there will be less other producers on the site. Channel Awesome won’t end.

            Even if Doug were to make a sincere apology, he won’t do it as the Critic in one of these videos. He’d most likely do it on his Facebook page or something like that.

        • Not really. He could just do what he always does as Doug Walker instead of the Nostalgia Critic and go wherever he wants. Leave Michaud with IP rights that are worthless without Doug and start fresh with none of the CA baggage.

          • The last time Doug tried that, it didn’t go so well. Look up “Demo Reel” sometime.

          • thespecialneedsgroup

            @TragicGuineaPig: What? That’s not even close to what he did. Loveshack is suggesting that Doug simply do the same thing he’s doing now without calling himself “The Nostalgia Critic.” Just continuing doing reviews without the gimmicks that Michaud could call his IP.

            “Demo Reel” was a complete departure form that. It was a completely different concept, a completely different format, and didn’t had nothing to do with reviewing movies.

          • Yes, I would continue watching Doug if he does that.
            I don’t know the details about what happened and I don’t care, but I know these joke reviews are something good that deserves to continue even if this CA association was something terrible.

          • I hate to burst everyone’s bubble here, but the IP stands for Intellectual Property. And anything directly copying it will be a theft of such and stand in court. Either way, Doug would be unable to continue anything directly similar without legal issues. And if you think Michaud would let that stand…well…take a look around and tell me he wouldn’t Sue if Doug decided to do without him.

      • He did address the issues and guess what? They signed a contract that gives CA all monetary rights to the production and any videos they may post on the site during the production. They didn’t have to, but they did. Now a mere 7 years later, now they decide to complain about it?

    • I´m with you i´m just here for the content and i can´t judge the Walkers because it´s not my place to judge any of the parties involved.


        Just kidding. I kind of feel the same way. I do hope that CA will own up to their problems and deal with them in a SINCERE professional manner. But I’m not going to stop watching NC, Tamara, the Comics Crew, or any of the other site talent just because Michaud enjoys being a jackass to everyone.

        • Okay, I’ve changed my mind. Channel Awesome can go jump in a wood chipper for all I care. The only site contributor I will be watching from now on is Guru Larry.

    • Me too, if he keeps doing the nostalgia critic that is. They didn’t even posted this one on Youtube. But it would be nice if they, Doug, Rob and Mike could just apologise and put this mess behind them (and I mean a true apology, not a “sorry you feel this way” or a “ACCUSATION/FACTS” post. There is a 70 pages document against them for Pete’s sake.

    • Obviously-blind-fanboy is obvious

    • I agree, I love NC and I love seeing his new content every week.

    • TheGuyThatAlsoHasGlasses

      I don’t dislike Doug/Nostalgia Critic either, but as the face of this site he needs to address this stuff personally. Honestly I think he should cut ties with CA and Michaud and re-imagine his brand. I’d still watch his content, just not here, and not with Michaud involved.

  2. Are you kidding me? Doug, are you completely oblivious or you can’t say something about the matter?
    You’re still not aware of what’s going on in Channel Awesome???
    Your name is getting dragged in the mud right now, and you’re losing more and more people (and subcribers on Youtube) by the days. Jesus, do something instead of staying silent!

    • What can he say? Michaud has him by the balls.

      • Yet if Doug refuses to do NC, then he has Mike by the balls. It all depends on how selfish Doug is.

        • And if Doug refuses to do NC then he is out of an income.

          • Cinnamon Scudworth

            Doug has name recognition; he can pick up another job. He must surely have impressive contacts by now.

            That being said, the longer he lies in bed with Michaud, the less contacts he can rely on. If Doug had quit the NC the moment this all caught fire, he would’ve gotten multiple job offers on the spot just from supporters of the move. The longer he sits around and sinks into this quicksand, the more complicit he’ll appear, until no one will touch him.

        • Saying Doug is selfish to continue to continue to do these videos is flawed logic. The Nostalgia Critic is important for all employees/content creators on this site. Michaud would suffer, but everyone else too. Doug could stay afloat without the character because of his popularity, but I don’t know about the others. Doug’s best option at this point would be to buy the guy out for the rights. Tell him to sell back the rights or he quits and everybody loses.
          Doug isn’t clean of all of this as he knew or was responsible for many of the complaints by the content creators. He needs to address this and handle the issue or he and everybody else will suffer anyway.

    • Well it’s clearly making them flustered, because they seem to have forgotten that new Nostalgia Critics are on Wednesdays, no Tuesdays*

      *If I am incorrect on that I apologize and take full responsibility for my screw up.

    • What are you talking about, his channel on YouTube is getting more and more subscribers each day.

  3. That was surprisingly short. I guess/hope it’s because he’s planning on a way to get rid of the current CEO.

  4. Doug, I’m really trying to keep my mind open. Give me anything… Saying simple “We screwed up and we are sorry. We were inexperienced and unprofessional and we try and will keep trying be better”, as long as coming from you, if sincere, is basically enough to win me back over, giving how much your content helped me over the years. But it must come from you and/or your brother Rob, since you two are the most crucial. Some generic memo on twitter does not cut it. If fans will feel like you don’t care at all, then you will lose more people. Please, don’t make me think you are just a bunch of arrogant douches. Stand up to your mistakes and do something, or you will lose me and others too.

    • It also has to be kept in mind that he is very limited by what he can say with Michaud owning everything, including the copyright if the nostalgia critic. They will have to be very careful with how they address this issue as it is a vary volatile situation where they are stuck in a loos loos.

    • Wit how Michaud have been acting, and in smaller part Doug himself, that isn’t going to happen unless he’s not just willing to quit, but also lose the NC character.
      He made a bargain with a devil and he’s been allowed to feel like a king, I doubt and can understand why he would feel like he can’t take a stand in this, not before Michaud is allowing it or out.

  5. Umm… nostalgia critic is complayning about loud high pitched performance…

    … okaaayy…..

  6. MiscellaneousSoup

    Good gosh, this film.

  7. You know I never really stopped laughing at Adam Sandler movies, I just learned to hate myself for doing so but seeing films like this and That’s my Boy makes me think there’s hope for me.

  8. Huh no charity shoutout.

    • Guess they don’t want to associate anymore with them.

      • The Real Silverstar

        Yeah, I really don’t think that is enough to drive charities away. Doug was at a convention this past weekend, so more than likely he just didn’t have time to film the charity shout-out this week. Keep in mind that these videos are shot about a week or 2 in advance.

        I know most of us are upset about the current goings-on here, but let’s not get carried away, shall we?

        • Exactly. Doug Walker is NOT O.J. Simpson. Yes, Mike Michaud, Rob and Doug made some bad business decisions and mistreated some of their fellow producers, but it’s not like the three of them murdered someone than tried to cover it up.

          I’m not defending what these guys did by any means, but I don’t get why suddenly some people on the internet are now out for Doug’s blood.

          • What the higher-ups on Channel Awesome did was bad and they need to held accountable for it, but these guys don’t belong to a Satanic cult.

  9. That opening segment is an eerie comparison to the situation at hand and Doug’s complete lack of presence on the matter.

    • I wounder why no one mention that it isn’t how twins work. We have either monozygotic twins who look this same but also have same sex, or dizigotic twins who may have different genders but don’t look this same.

  10. prime-10@hotmail.co.uk

    I haven’t watched the video yet but judging by the running time 19:41 that seems quite short. I mean I figured since this is Jack and Jill one of the worst comedies ever made it would be slightly longer. I can only assume that maybe because of what has happened which is still a headstratcher is the reason behind this.

  11. I wish that the Cops theme song was playing when Tamara and Malcolm busted into your house. My family LOVES Adam Sandler so they’ve all seen this movie but I’ve only seen the end from like that boob tickle joke and onward. It looks like I didn’t miss much.

    I won’t say much about the controversy going on right now but I do wish that you had at least done a post saying who has left. The list of shows is WAY smaller and besides one or two people I can’t tell who is missing. D:

    • Check Wikipedia, the names of those who have left are listed under Channel Awesome. So far the website has gone from hosting 41 shows and content creators to 10. Ouch.

  12. I remember first seeing the trailer to Jack and Jill back in 2011, and I had the same filling when I saw a TV spot for Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, and that feeling was “OMG, this is gonna be torture to everyone who goes to see it.” And, of course, I was correct. Seriously, it should be illegal for Hollywood to make comedies like this.

    Film Brain said in his review, after doing some research, that it’s scientifically impossible for twins to look identical if they are brother and sister. You don’t see twin characters like Luke & Leia and Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch look the same, now do you?

    4:33- And you still give Man of Steel shit for having product placements. The only product I heard any of the characters say out loud was IHop, and it was because Pete Ross works there.

    6:53- I was also thinking that this he-bitch is annoying more than Tyler Perry’s Madea. YOU HEAR THAT, MOVIE?! JACK AND JILL IS MORE ANNOYING THAN ANY OF THE MADEA MOVIES! I HOPE YOUR FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!!

    8:25- Yeah, it’s reasons like this that show why I’m a Pepsi fan.

    10:26- Great, when is Bill Cosby gonna show up?

    13:15- And The Godfather Part III is still better than this shit.

    Lady Spade looks like one of the rejects from Jersey Shore.

    It movies like Jack and Jill that keep me away from seeing a comedy movie in theaters unless I hear positive things about it, because I like my intelligence the way it is, thank you very much.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “Film Brain said in his review, after doing some research, that it’s scientifically impossible for twins to look identical if they are brother and sister. You don’t see twin characters like Luke & Leia and Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch look the same, now do you?”

      Sorry to pull the Actually card, but the labels ‘identical’ and ‘fraternal’ don’t refer to what the twins look like, but rather how they’re born. Identical twins start out as a single fertilized egg which divides into 2, and each half becomes a whole person, which is why identical twins are always the same sex. Fraternal twins start out as 2 separate fertilized eggs which share a single womb but grow and develop independently, hence why fraternal twins can be a boy and a girl. There have been some extremely rare cases with identical twins in which 1 of the twins will lose their Y chromosome shortly before birth, resulting in ‘identical’ twins of different genders, but in these cases the female twin typically has stunted growth and under-developed breasts, but there have been less than 20 recorded cases of this in medical history.

      The point Mathew made in his review was that the cover box art was mistaken when it referred to Jack and Jill as “identical twins”, since in order for them to be considered ‘identical’, they would have to share similarities in everything, including gender. Even if they looked similar physically, they’d still be considered fraternal twins since they’re not the same sex.

  13. I’ve been a fan of TNC since the beginning, and want to believe that Doug and Rob Walker are, on the whole, good people who’re mixed up with the wrong person (Mike Mau-whatever) and they’re just… “playing” along/nice or going with his wants/desires for the sake of their own livelihoods considering apparently he holds the IP and all of that.

    But things are getting tougher and tougher to ignore and the silence from The Walkers is deafening.

    Something needs to happen, because as much as I enjoy TNC (really the only Channel Awesome “show” I watch) it’s hard to support the kind of things I keep seeing and hearing and not getting anything from the otherside in the form of defense or explanation.

    I hope I’m right and that Doug and Rob Walker are just going along with some of the things we’ve seen and heard because they see it as having no other choice for their own sake and that they aren’t far more “active” parts of it, that they’re essentially pawns.

    But we need to see something.

    Oh, and Jack and Jill sucked.

  14. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Yeah, it’s a very terrible movie. Most Adam Sandler movies are, there are only a few exceptions.

  15. You heard it right there: someone on Twitter asked Doug at a con about #ChangeTheChannel.
    He totally doesn’t know what it’s about and thinks Mike Michaud is awesome.

    • Then it really is either an absolute load bollocks or, more likely, Doug is saying that so he can still have some sort of job.

      • I don’t think Doug needs to worry about not having a job. Nostalgia critic is the biggest thing they have.

        If Doug got fired then this site would be shut down incredibly fast.

        • I think you’re giving Michaud more credit than he deserves.
          Also, with all of this going on, he might just fire him too for being more trouble than he’s worth.

    • I would like to see that, but if it is solely on Twitter I am not watching shit. That place has become a bigger congregation of SJW assholes than Tumblr. I am sure I can find it elsewhere.

      Also, if someone had your balls in a juicer, you’re likely to say whatever they want you to say too.

  16. Oh boy… My hopes that Channel Awesome, or at least Doug himself, may take a shot at genuinely apologizing for all the crap that’s recently come to light is dwindling with every passing day.
    It’s not putting me off the Nostalgia Critic. It’s the same way I might hear constantly about what an evil corporation Disney is, and hear about their shady and unethical practices, it’s not going to stop me from watching and enjoying Disney films. In the same way, the #ChangeTheChannel drama is not going to put me off the NC. I like them for the product, not the politics or people. But all the same, as a fan, it’s still deeply upsetting to hear all this. Channel Awesome is losing subscribers on YouTube (down about 32,000 in the last week), and the number of producers on Channel Awesome’s site (aside from Doug & the Chicago crew) has dropped from 40 at the beginning of March to just 11 right now (like, holy shit!!). This is not going to get better if they keep ignoring it, it’ll only get worse.
    The only way Channel Awesome could start to turn this around is if they apologize to their former producers and staff, and to the fans who’ve they let down, and genuinely commit to trying to change for the better. But their history tells us that’s simply not going to happen. Which is really sad.
    I’ve also heard rumours on Twitter that Phillip DeFranco might talk about this whole shitshow on an upcoming episode of his show. If that’s true (as this is *only* a rumour), it will get SO MUCH worse.
    So, it really is best for them, both as people and as a business, that they apologize and commit to cleaning up the mess they’ve made. Fingers crossed.
    Please, Doug, Rob, and Michaud. For literally EVERYBODY’S sake, do the right thing!

    • I actually hope DeFranco talks about it, as it may spurn Doug into actually addressing the idea. For an advocate against corrupt media systems, Doug is really being hypocritical not speaking up about what’s going on with CA, imo.

  17. Never been so proud to have Ad Block

  18. Ok, First of all great review. I hated the movie and you were hilarious doug.

    second of all, the whole issue with the complaints about channel awesome are UNVERIFIED meaning they have not been proven true, therefore if said complaints are NOT true Doug and everybody can ignore it all just fine, no need to debunk something they know isnt true themselves.

    IF it is true however, then only Mike Michaud is the bad guy, Everything towards Doug and Rob are petty complaints that dont deserve any amount of attention, especially petty complaints about them from over 5 years ago, seeing as how all of the complaints seem to be from when Channel awesome started to before Doug returned to being NC.

    But im already on the side of this NOT being true because of one specific complaint:

    One of the complaints were that Doug didnt tell anyone he was quitting as the NC in 2011, and after he did quit ad revenue for the site began to drop but when the other creators wanted to start up patreons for themselves, Doug and Rob told them no.

    Here is the problem with that, Doug quit in 2011, came back January 2013, Patreon did not exist until MAY 2013. So how were people trying to use a website that didn’t exist yet?

    So, to recap, if any of this is proven true in the end. It is half just petty complaints about Doug and Rob from over 5 years ago and Mike Michaud ACTUALLY being a douche. but again, i dont think its true

  19. That was probably one of the best intros that the NC has done. The review itself was as usual awesome. It’s a shame that you can get this star studded of a lineup and the only good thing out of this was Al Pacino. An absolute waste outside of him.

  20. lilith_ascennding

    This movie, much like watching Nostalgia Critic videos after #ChangetheChannel, leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It is quite honestly the worst film I have ever seen. Moving on to the Huge Ass Elephant in the room, I don’t know what to feel right now. I remember meeting Doug and Rob at Zenkaikon and really enjoying it. I still have my signed Ponyo DVD cover (the “Ham?” was a nice touch, Rob 🙂 ). I also really had a blast at all their panels that weekend, too. But with everything that’s happening, I really don’t know anymore. I’m glad that Doug and Rob aren’t the main enemies in this situation as I would definitely drop this site and anything associated with them if they were. Still, I can’t just ignore the fact that the Walkers have ignored their producers’ cries for help and support, because that’s almost as bad as being the perpetrators. I honestly just want to hear the Walker’s side of the story, or at the very least, an attempt at a sincere explanation/apology before I make any more decisions about whether to keep watching their videos or not. I’ll probably still watch the reviews that I love (like Ponyo, Dungeons and Dragons, Lady in the Water, Signs, etc.) but it will be like watching Parks and Recreation after the whole Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari thing or The Cosby Show after what happened with Bill Cosby: still fun but hella awkward. Also, Mike Michaud can go fuck himself. It would be ideal if he was fired or booted but I know that’s not realistic. I really don’t like to get political or whatever with situations like these, but abusing your employees or ignoring said abuse is not something that I can let slide.

  21. I figured watching this review would be easier than actually renting “Jack and Jill” and seeing out of morbid curiosity how bad it really is.

  22. You guys always manage to put a smile on my face every week; even during rough times. Doug, Rob, Malcolm, Tamara, Jim, all of you; I don’t care what anyone online says about you. You’ll always have the support of your fans (Including me). I highly respect you and am beyond grateful for the work you do to make these videos possible. To a lot of people who live very hard lives, including myself, being able to laugh is the only bit of happiness we get to have.
    I respect whatever choices you decide to make and wish nothing but the best for you all. God bless you and your devotion to putting a smile on people’s faces when they need it the most.

  23. Could tell, just by looking at the poster for this movie, that it was going to be bad. Not in a funny way, but in a very painful way.

  24. So not even gonna address the controversy? I guess whether it’s on the big screen or the small one, showbiz is still showbiz

  25. This is ridiculous. You can’t keep ignoring the controversy forever. Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to own up to your mistakes.

  26. If I were him, I wouldn’t be posting this on youtube

    • Where is he supposed to post it? Blip? Vidme? Revver? They’re all gone. YouTube is where all the viewers are. Love it or hate it, you can’t be an internet entertainer and not have a YT account.

      And again, people need to stop to turn Doug into a pariah. Yes, there’s some behind the scenes controversy involving Channel Awesome and Doug should address it at some point, but some are acting like Doug raped or murdered someone and he didn’t. Also, based on what I’ve read, it’s mostly Mike Michaud who’s at fault. Doug mostly just the other way when most of this went down, yet some people are acting like Doug is now Hitler or something, which is ridiculous.

  27. Mike Michaud is a piece of shit and he should get arrested

    • The Real Silverstar

      Ah, no. Michaud is a bad boss whose made some piss-poor business decisions and mistreated several of the people who have worked under him, but he hasn’t done anything criminal. He should either be ousted or dramatically rethink how he runs things or just plain sincerely apologize, but that’s it. I’m not defending Michaud by any stretch, but suggesting that he should go to jail is just plain ridiculous. If we arrested people just for being assholes, half the planet’s population would be in prison right now.

  28. We came here to be entertained by Doug. Not talk about “controversy”. He’ll release a statement where appropriate.

    Plus this was recorded weeks ago.

  29. This is an absolute cluster fuck of a train wreck, and a career-ending landmine. Oh yeah, and Jack and Jill was terrible, too. Goodbye, ChannelAllGone. It was fun while it lasted.

    • Overreacting just a tad, aren’t we?

      Like I said earlier, this is unpleasant news, but Channel Awesome won’t die from it. Up and coming producers will likely avoid joining the site, but CA will live on as long as people continue to watch Doug’s videos. People thought that Jon Jafari (JonTron)’s career was over after that infamous podcast interview but he’s still making videos.

  30. I never saw this movie, but this review makes me glad I didn’t. I just heard the new Jessie Reyez single today and it’s somehow worse than Figures, and I didn’t think that could be topped. Adam Sandler as a woman with fart humour will do it though.

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