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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Spason? Sure whatever.

  2. So when are you leaving this website Brad?

    • Just leave it alone, dude. It’s Brad’s decision on whether he stays here or goes, and you need to respect whatever he decides. At this point, YouTube is Brad’s primary platform and CA is only a secondary platform. Therefore, it hardly matters if Brad stays or goes.

      If you personally don’t want to support Channel Awesome anymore (in which case, I’m wondering why you’re still posting here), you can watch Brad’s videos on either his YouTube channel or on The Cinema Snob.com. , but stop badgering the guy. He doesn’t owe you an explanation as to why he does or doesn’t continue to support CA.

        • As of the end of April 12, 2018, Gaming Wildlife has confirmed on Twitter that they are cutting ties and Linkara claims to be in contact with Blockbuster Buster and says he’s leaving too.
          As for Brad, he has removed all mentions of his ties to Channel Awesome from his social media and supposedly confirmed his departure in a Discord chat. Larry is only staying for bragging rights of being last one standing and is willing to leave at any time. He just wants to see his name standing alone on the list.

          • Neither is huge loss..

          • Edit: Ok, maybe BB is. But he has long period of under-performing and I still didn’t regain full trust. And Gaming Wildlife post only random stuff from quite some time, so I’m not sure they would last long anyway.

            And I didn’t notice you mentioning Linkara and Brad.. those are in fact huge deals.

            Anyway, point is that until recently it wasn’t exactly clear if anyone major live, and some salty outcasts aren’t anything new. But people tend to overact so I think you understand my previous doubts regard the case.

        • You should say that to previous guy Valis77. I totally understand person sick of hate bandwagon when this case is and never was exactly clear.

  3. Solaris? They do know that it is proper scientific name of the Sun? But I did see some movies calling aliens Terrans (aka the life forms from Terra aka Earth) so why I’m even surprised?

    PS: Though Jason frozen body cutting that guy hand was so ridiculous that it was great ;D

  4. Channel Awesome calling their victims of sexual abuse as “disgruntled”. Stay classy.

  5. Lets see what I got.

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