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Whether he’s a super spy or a super star, this kid has all sorts of adventures, and now he has a movie about it. Is it worth checking out, though? Doug takes a look at, Jett Jackson: The Movie.

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  1. I never saw the show. I hadn’t heard of it until its star committed suicide. I knew of this movie but I never saw it and I didn’t know it was based off a show.

    • Oh… well damn, that’s a way to start off. “Hey, here’s the new DisneyCember episode! The star of this movie killed himself!”

    • I never saw The Famous Jett Jackson, although I was aware of it. I never knew that the show’s star Lee Thompson Young ended up on TNT’s Rizolli & Isles, or that he committed suicide. Thanks, Wikipedia!

    • Damn, I had no idea. Too bad Doug didn’t mention that. Or maybe he shouldn’t have. Well, I heard of this show. Never watched it. That’s an interesting premise.

  2. I use to watch the show way back when and when I saw the movie I thought it was well done. Sad that Lee Thompson young committed suicide 🙁

  3. While i didn’t know about the main actor death, I do remember a few epoiodes from the series. I really enjoyed some of the heart those episodes had and was entertained by the idea of a reality swap.

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