Jingle All the Way – Tamara’s Never Seen

PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, NOW!! Tamara takes a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Christmas classic, Jingle All the Way.

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  1. Oh! I love your lipstick, woman. That is fabulous! O.O I’ve never seen this. In fact, I never heard of this movie until that Nostalgia Critic review. Also, I love the 90’s so much even their cornballness. ^.^

  2. “Karate class” – maybe if he was testing for a new belt, or something like that.

  3. HO…LEE…SHEEYIT!!! There actually is a ‘Jingle All the Way 2’.

    I had no idea.

    Great review, Tamara.

  4. Seeing this movie as a teenager, I thought it was pretty corny back then too.

    This movie, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, and Junior were misguided attempts to cast Arnold in wider roles. Let’s face it, Arnold is the friggin’ king of big action movies…but not much else.

    Now many will disagree with me here, but for Arnold in odd roles: I thought True Lies was terrible and greatly enjoyed The Last Action Hero.

    • ” Let’s face it, Arnold is the friggin’ king of big action movies…but not much else.”

      While I do agree that Arnold’s range was limited, I can’t agree with this. Kindergarten Cop and Twins showed that Arnold could be brilliant as the straight man to a more comedic character though I grant you it certainly helped that he had good chemistry with Danny DeVito.

    • I won’t say that ‘True Lies’ was terrible, even though I don’t care much for it, I will say that ‘Last Action Hero’ deserves more credit than it gets. It’s Arnold in a movie that makes fun of buddy-cop-action movies, typically ones from the 80’s. It has some good scenes, some good writing and some good acting despite its silliness.
      As a whole it isn’t necessarily a great movie, but I think more people from this generation should see it. They might just appreciate it for what it tried to be rather than what it ended up being.

      • Yeah, some comedy doesn’t work without familiarity to the subject it spoofs.

        Watching the Last Action Hero with no point of reference to cheezy action movies and direct to video sequels starring past their prime action stars with low budgets and ridiculous bad guys might make anyone think it’s a goofy movie with weird tone shifts. However, while not being a masterpiece or anything, it is a fun poke at action movie cliche’s and the large egos of Hollywood actors with a pretty rockin’ early 90’s soundtrack.

  5. I still remember what I big deal it was when they filmed this at the Mall of America and around other parts of the Twin Cities. The local police were given special uniforms for scenes making St. Paul and Minneapolis officers look like one Twin Cities Police unit.
    Can’t see I was ever that found of the finished film, but I can defiantly see how so many trends of the 1990s on display could give it a sort of kitsch value now.

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