John Wick – Tamara’s Never Seen

With the new John Wick in theaters, Tamara takes a look at the first one to see if the hype is real.

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  2. We will always have room for Keanu.

  3. Of course, I’ve never seen this movie. Hopefully, I’ll do better with Tamara Just Saw (not including the next episode). LOL

  4. AmbrosiusAurelianus

    I’ll go ahead and recommend two movies completely, utterly different from this one, haha. My favorite movie “The Secret of Roan Inish,” and another beautiful Irish movie, “The Secret of Kells.” Lots of Irish secrets, basically. But beautiful, peaceful (well, mostly peaceful…) movies. They need more love.

  5. Hey! If you haven’t seen it, I dare you to watch “Pitch Black” with the lights off!

  6. While I hadn’t planned on seeing this, your excited opening got me convinced I should (before seeing the rest of this because I genuinely want to be surprised). Don’t know if I’ll see the sequel thou.

    Now on to a completely unrelated note. I did watch your recent video about all the stuff you haven’t seen. So there are actually people who think you’d be stopping soon because they’re isn’t much to left to see? Sheesh! People can be so dim. Do have any idea for long the art of cinema has been around!?

    Which made me realize something I should have though about before. So far you haven’t reviewed any Foreign films. Now I notice most youtube comments are in English, just like of the videos. However, all this assuming there is NO ONE who hasn’t seen all the biggest hit American movies in the English market seems kind of ethnocentric when you think about it. How many of these wouldn’t believe you’d never seen My Life as a Dog from Sweden, Like Water for Chocolate from Mexico or Ran from Japan? Hmmmm

  7. Daniel Brizuela

    I too have not seen this film yet and I saw the second film.

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