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It made a ton of money, but Nostalgia Critic has a lot to say about possibly the worst Jurassic Park there is. See why he sees it as such a dino turd. Let’s check out Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

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  1. 1. T.Rex couldn’t run that fast anyway

    2. For the life of me, PLEASE don’t use slanderous words like “Millennial”, “SJW”, or “WOKE”; especially not “Millennial since you’re technically a Millennial yourself since you were born in the 80s.

    3. That’s a Brachiosaurus not a Brontosaurus

    4. Don’t play the “We’re suppose to feel sorry for something that was going to eat us?!” Remember, sauropods were herbivores, and only like a few theropods tried to kill the humans

    5. Humanity is NOT doomed! There’s only like what, 30 dinosaurs out loose and still 7+ Billion human beings with advanced technology!

    • The weird complaints about SJWs is some new direction Doug seems to be going in recently… it’s become consistent enough that it definitely counts as a trend. I feel like I missed something.

  2. Congratulations: You created the worst Jurassic review in your entire career.

  3. Regarding transfusions – 1 minute on google has not yielded any information on cat/lion blood compatibility. However I did find information on cat/dog blood compatibility, and it works. At least the first time. After 4 days the cat develops new antibodies against the introduced blood cells.

    In light of this Raptor/T-Rex transfusions don’t seem that implausible.

    However, regarding perceived audience intelligence – Given the examples of the movie talking down to the audience, and the continued practice of people paying to see these movies, it could be assumed that people will just accept anything you show them and think about it too much. If the audience does think about it they would likely stop at finding the transfusion questionable but not look into it.

    So while it’s a flawed criticism it remains valid for a particular audience who are smart enough to question it and yet are still entertained by Jurassic Park sequels.

  4. When Blue was running off in the end, I had the Littlest Hobo music playing in my head.

  5. You should do A Very Merry Pooh Year for a Christmas review.

  6. You know, I can see reasons why you dislike the movie. I see what you mean about not liking how preachy it is, which is understandable. I also understand that the T-Rex was such a big staple in previous movies, and she is a bit overused. And the whole thing with Maisie could be seen as contrived and even annoying. So I understand why you dislike it. But A: I wish you could acknowledge more of why people like the movies without going the “It’s so dumb it’s funny” route, and making it sound like the people who enjoy the movie are too dumb to know any better. I personally love the Jurassic World movies, hated the Jurassic Park sequels, and loved Jurassic Park. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to hate on people who hate the original & Jurassic World movies, nor am I going to call someone dumb for liking Lost World or JP3. You think the new movies suck. OK, whatever, your free to make fun of them. But don’t insult the people who enjoy it, please. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make them wrong or stupid.

  7. OH YES! I was afraid this was a clipless review but it wasn’t! This movie was stupid fun and the neutralized Chris Pratt lava scene was so funny to me! I actually didn’t see the yellow jacket guy’s death coming once he got on the ladder and I didn’t see the clone twist coming but I thought it was just me. Plus, 22:56 was a political joke? I guess that’s why some people in the theater were laughing. Lastly, Doug the one we were supposed to feel sorry for the long necked dinosaur that eats plants.

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