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Your favorite DC heroes together at last! Was it worth the build up? Doug takes a look at 2017’s Justice League.

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  1. Some people in my friend group don’t know that Superman comes back. Little innocents. Anyways, I don’t mind the villain being CGI as long as it looks good or/and cool. I only care about how he’s written. Follow up comment later tonight since I’m seeing this in three hours.

  2. Better than feared, but not as good as it should have been.

    And Supes saving people came as a surprise, BvS taught me he only saves people called Lois or Martha 😉

  3. (COMPLETE SPOILERS) I liked most of the characters. I just hate that Cyborg and Aquaman were so underdeveloped. The actors did the best with what they had. I thought that Wonder Woman and Batman were once again standouts. All of the action was great. The villain is bland. He could have been interesting due to being dishonored or whatever but nothing came of it. I also feel bad for the people who aren’t familiar with the comics at all. If I didn’t watch The Flash show, I’d probably be a little confused on the Flash as well. Oddly enough, I liked the first after-credit scene more than the Lex Luthor one. Ugh, that performance. I was left with a couple of questions that could have been solved if DC wasn’t rushing things. There were more jokes and they finally got Superman right! 85/100

    • Justice League was originally going to be two movies; movie 1 was going to focus on the return of Superman and movie 2 would have been about Steppenwolf leading up to Darkseid. After Batman V Superman bombed, Warner Brothers crammed it into one movie. Also, the DCEU movies aren’t canon with the CW shows.

  4. A really good movie. A closer-than-expected second to Wonder Woman. You can tell, though, every garbage influence Snyder and Whedon had — the unnecessarily fan-serviced-up Amazon outfits, for one example of many — that, say, Patty Jenkins would have done way, way better. Less men directing superhero movies, please; had a talented woman helmed Justice League, it might have surpassed Wonder Woman.

    Don’t @ me.

  5. The Real Silverstar

    I thought it was pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking, but a fun popcorn movie. I’m fully in favor of moving away from the bleak and dark motif. Not perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a solid 6 or 7.

    • I do like grimdark but DC mainline universe never was grimdark, and that was failure of picking Snyder even if he otherwise is good director.

      • Dark and brooding works for super heroes like Batman and Wolverine, but every super hero can’t be Bats or Wolvie. The light super heroes compliment the dark heroes and vice versa. If every super hero were dark, it would be very boring because they’d all be exactly the same. Without the contrast it’s not interesting.

  6. Pretty much agree with this. Thought it was an okay one, especially considering the recent DC stuff – aside from Wonder Woman. Though it’s still a bit weird for me that Batman is one of the funniest characters in this set up, but the jokes themselves work fine. And well you know… at least there ARE jokes….

  7. I agree with you mostly. This was okay. The villain was really shallow. It had nowhere near the epic feeling of “The Avengers”. At least we got “Wonder Woman”. We’ll never get a DC movie as good as that again.

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