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Brad and Dave give their thoughts on the Justice League film.

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  1. about the thing about Superman saving or not saving civilians. again, the creators are going for a more realistic setting and as Linkara pointed out, even in the comics, Superman cannot save every singly solitary civilian.

    and I really am tired of people saying that pure evil villains are unrealistic. people that are evil for evil’s sake DO exist in real life.

    • “the creators are going for a more realistic setting”

      That alone should tell you why these movies are not doing well.

      The DC films should be swimming in all the fantasy that their universe offers, they’re right there all ready to be used. But the filmmakers refuse to use them, because they’re minds are still stuck in the Dark Knight trilogy.

      • Also continuing this subject this movie has good reason why Superman and Flash could save people. There were more superheroes there.. Sup simply concluded that rest of the team is enough to defeat villain and so all speed characters focus on saving people. It was’t the case with Man of Steel. Zod try destroy earth and he was stronger then Sup. Whole situation was way out of control, so blaming him that he is not Marry Sue is stupid.

        PS: Also it is not that there are no pure evil people, but that they are simply boring.

    • I don’t get why people look for “realism” in a movie about an alien that looks like a human, flies around in a skin tight costume and shoots laser beams from his eyes. That’s flawed logic. “Realistic fantasy” is an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp. As soon as you toss space aliens and costumed crime fighters with magic powers into the mix, any and all realism goes right out the window.
      Honestly, the producers could have gone over-the-top wacky with this like in Thor: Ragnarok and I would have been perfectly fine with that.

      • fantastic elements in a work of fiction just means you have to throw out SOME realism and logic, not all of it. there is a difference between being more realistic and being 100& realistic.

        • Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to see Superman saving people, because that’s who he is, that is what he was created for.
          If I wanted to see a superhero that failed to save some lives I would turn to the Marvel Heroes, especially Spider-Man.

          • again, even in the mainstream comics continuity, Superman cannot save every single person ever as Linkara has pointed out.

          • Yeah, that “point” from Linkara, I know where it comes from and I know you’ve completely taken it out of context, as it was criticism to how a particular comic was badly written to make Superman look bad for not saving a cancer patient while he was stopping a giant krypton war. So please stop using Linkara out of context.
            And I don’t care what the mainstream comics did, as they’re taken over by different head writers and have their own “dork ages”. All I want to see is Superman saving lives, which is what he was created for, something that simple and yet the DC films find impossible to achieve.

          • Linkara also pointed out how Superman failed to save someone to point out flaws in Act of God. it wasn’t the same context I am using it in but the point still stands, Superman cannot save absolutely everyone, no matter what universe.

          • So your point comes from flaws in comic stories? No mate, your point doesn’t even have a leg to stand on.

          • no, Linkara was pointing out that in the mainstream comics universe, Superman wouldn’t get depressed over a single loss to the point of not doing anything like he did in Act of God. but that means that still in good written stories, Sups cannot save everyone.

          • And that is why I liked his dialog from the movie: Sup said that he is realist, but he still believe in justice.

      • plus, aliens are one of the most realistic of fantastical things. we aren’t sure in real life but it’s almost a certainty that intelligent life exists on other planets.

  2. The Real Silverstar

    One of my biggest nitpicks is the one Dave pointed out: throughout most of the film, Cyborg’s body armor was all angular and jagged looking, then in the final scene where we see Cy and his dad at Star Labs doing science stuff, they upgrade his armor by smoothing it out. If the filmmakers were capable of rendering smooth cyber armor, then why didn’t they go with that look from the get-go? Come on, it’s all CG anyway; might as well make it look good.

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