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A gathering of heroes deserves a gathering of critics! Nostalgia Critic invites CinemaSins, the Cinema Snob, and maybe a few other cinema related friends to look at the underwhelming “almost” blockbuster, DC’s Justice League.

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  1. I actually like this movie (and I feel that it’s WAY better than Batman v. Superman). However, the best things about this movie are the opening Wonder Woman scene, the Thymsyica (or however you spell it) scene and the rock cover of Come Together (I STILL listen to it. Heck, I listened to it yesterday). I think this movie would be better if the movie was longer. I remember one of the trailers showed Cyborg as a football player in the rain implying that they filmed at least a flashback for him. Lastly, I do wish they had just used the CW’s Flash (their only good show).

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