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Tamara and Jake check out the newest DC movie, Justice League.

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  1. I thought it was really good but not great. I liked most of the characters. I just hate that Cyborg and Aquaman were so underdeveloped. The actors did the best with what they had. I thought that Wonder Woman and Batman were once again standouts. All of the action was great. The villain is bland. He could have been but nothing came of it. I also feel bad for the people who aren’t familiar with the comics at all. If I didn’t watch The Flash show, I’d probably be a little confused on the Flash as well. There were two after-credit scenes! Yay! I was left with a couple of questions that could have been solved if DC wasn’t rushing things. There were more jokes! I only noticed one of the Wonder Woman back shots and it didn’t bother me. I didn’t notice any others. The theme song was awesome. 85/100 (SPOILER) Lastly, I loved Superman in this.

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