Kangaroo Jack – 1st Viewing

Doug and Rob are drunk off their asses. No joke. Will their comments be even funnier? Well, they’ll certainly be slurred. Here are Doug and Rob’s first thoughts on Kangaroo Jack.

Watch the Nostalgia Critic review of Kangaroo Jack here.

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  1. After all that when you were both back on the couch I was hoping Rob would say something like “So yeah, we both really love it”.

  2. Doug – “Have you ever seen a movie with ice cream truck that was good…ever?” Me – Yes, Max Keeble’s Big Move. Also, I love seeing Doug get red but a. Drunk Doug is scary and b. I had hoped you would show your reaction to “chicken blood… chicken blood…. chicken blood”.

  3. 8%? That’s the same as “The Emoji Movie”! To be fair, that is probably worse. I saw this as a kid and didn’t like it. Now I like it even less. I love how angry you are at the film’s end.

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