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It hopped its way to big money, but left a big wad of dung in our memories. Nostalgia Critic looks at the madness of Kangaroo Jack.

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  1. Oh God, I remember this thing from when I was just a little kid.
    It was awful.

  2. (It hopped ITS* way.)

  3. Well, at least the animated sequel is better… still not great but still, it’s at least more enjoyable than the first film.

  4. I never saw this movie. Thank god I never did. This movie looks so godawful, especially farting camels and toilet humor.

  5. The opening joke and the last joke kind of fall flat since they announced what they were going to review two weeks ago. I mean, I think it’s interesting that Kangaroo Jack was a different movie at first since that reminds me of the situation with Old Dogs from Disney, where it was tested as an adult comedy, but was panned, and then redid everything to make it a kids film.

    solid review. kind of curious how much Kangaroo jack is in the actual film. Anyone know how long he is in the actual movie?

  6. I can’t watch 🙁 Vidme is being laggy and there’s no quality wheel to turn it down 🙁

  7. Huh… I was actually okay with this movie as a kid. Then again, I have horrible taste in movies, so *shrugs*.

  8. Seriously get rid of all that crap blocking the comments.

    • I second this. It takes forever to scroll down to them. The recommended videos should be under the comments or to the side of them, not above them.

    • Underneath the title of the review are the “posted by” and “date” links, then comes the comments link. Click on that, and it will “zip” you right here.

      • “I second this. It takes forever to scroll down to them.”

        Oh, woe is me! I have to scroll my mouse wheel a whole three times to get to the comments section! THREE TIMES!

        Be grateful you even live in a time with internet at all.

  9. Right out the gate, my middle finger is itching. Seriously, dude, theatrical releases of your reviews? Do enough people actually go to those to warrant more?

    • Hey, I’m disappointed that he won’t hold them on a weekend in the Chicagoland area either, but you don’t have to get all salty about it.

    • He did it before with Suicide Squad. Grow the hell up.

    • Apparently, yes. Channel Awesome wouldn’t keep doing these if people weren’t going to see them. But no one’s forcing you to attend, so why does the fact that they’re doing this bother you so much?

    • SMDH, this has to be the single pettiest post I have ever seen! “I’m a scum douche bag who wants to flip doug off for holding his review in a movie screening. Waaah, I don’t any money so I can’t go see it so durr hurr middle finger!” YOU DON’T TO SEE IT RETARD! IT’S OPTIONAL! I can’t go, I’ll watch it online, but that’s fine. And yes retard a lot of people in the area the video is showing will go, because they are fans and want to go see it. You come off as a whiny little brat. GTFO or just wait for him to post it online! Jeez!

  10. I’ve seen Ed Wood films that make more sense than this film.

  11. Basically just spent the whole review envying Malcolm

  12. 22:10- Okay, now you have to at least do a Vlog series on this show since I know you’ve never seen it. Anyway, yeah, I liked this film when I first saw it, but in the same vein that I enjoyed Wild Wild West back in the day. It’s because I was just the right age to watch it, too young for the intended audience but young enough to actually enjoy its low-brow humor.

  13. I had no idea the animated movie was a sequel to this. I thought it was a completely unrelated movie spinning off of the cartoon this movie was based on, but it seems there is no cartoon this was based on.

    • I suppose it could be it’s own thing; heck it may as well be.

      • I figured no original film could have so little focus on its titular character. By the way, I suppose it should come as no surprise this was inspired by Snow Dogs when both films bait audiences into thinking the animals in it talk in the trailer when, in both cases, such scenes were just dreams.

  14. Speaking of Green Lantern, I’m kind of hoping they’ll have John Stewart in the new Justice League. Stewart was my favorite Green Lantern, ever since the Justice League animated series.

  15. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I will say I enjoy the reviewing portion of this review, but the skit here is lackluster. That’s of course only my opinion, with that being said that’s the only problem I have with this video.

  16. I saw this movie as a 13 year old and even then I thought it was stupid…

  17. You do realize now that I will be demanding you to review Samurai Jack till the end of days!

  18. Considering one of those mugshots was from fighting Nazis, I’m gonna give Lebouf a pass.

  19. Doug bashes the camel farting, but it paid off.

    This movie won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for “Favorite Fart in a Movie.”

    It beat out Fat Bastard. Seriously. It’s true.

  20. Damn, that Kangaroo Rap is still stuck in my head all these years later. Literally the rap and the scene where the pilot is shot by the tranquilizer are the only things about this film that I can remember from when I went to go see it in theaters on either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day (I can remember my grandmother’s muffler falling off her car on the way to the theater in more vivid detail than the film, so that kind of speaks even more to the quality of Kangaroo Jack). Also, now I really want the Critic to do an actual review of Samurai Jack. In case it wasn’t obvious by my profile picture, it’s one of my favorite TV series of all time and I would love to hear Doug talk about it :).

    • The Real Silverstar

      Maybe if you float some money his way, like donate to one of the charities he advertises, he might consider it; most content creators don’t take fan requests for free.

      There’s also the possibility that Doug hasn’t actually seen Samurai Jack; he’s been asked to review the likes of the Cartoon-Cartoons and Toonami shows numerous times, but he always politely declines due to his having never really watched those shows. It may be the same deal with Jack.

    • The rap isn’t even theirs. It was the song Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang.

  21. I think the “brave” joke was intended to imply that “you’d have to be brave to be a straight hairdresser”. Har-dee-har.

  22. I thankfully never saw Kangaroo Jack, but I sure as shit remembered it being advertised everywhere. Also, Nice job with the SAMURAI Jack bit in the opening.

    I’m innocent enough to say that I have seen Snow Dogs in theaters, but I thankfully forgotten what it was about immediately after seeing it. Why couldn’t I forgotten about Skyline instead?

    In speaking of Christopher Walken, when are you FINALLY gonna get to do a proper review on The Country Bears?

    I guess the editing in this film is what inspired the editing for Ang Lee’s Hulk.

    I am actually yearning for a performance of the rapping dog from “Titanic: The Legend Goes On…” …THAT’S how fucked up this movie is, as well as its marketing.

    This movie has more farting than an Adam Sandler movie. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE!?

    I also wish this was just a PG-13 rated crime movie that stars Michael Shannon and Christopher Walken. And before I forget, Rob still does an awesome Walken impression.

    BTW, I still like the Green Lantern movie.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “In speaking of Christopher Walken, when are you FINALLY gonna get to do a proper review on The Country Bears?”

      Does he have to? Erod and Some Jerk with a Camera have each already reviewed that. Just watch one of their videos if you want to see a full-blown review.

      “In speaking of”??

  23. Not gonna lie, that fire ant scene had me falling out of my chair

  24. When I was a kid my daycare rented this movie and made us all watch it…. I was the only kid that didn’t like it….

  25. he’s either talking about Deadpool, Blade Trinity or X Men Origins: Wolverine

  26. I loved this movie as a kid. I also loved Snow Dogs. Half of the jokes in this movie I still find funny and the other half I now realize are awful. However, I don’t remember the inappropriate stuff except for the boob touching. Besides that, maybe I just didn’t understand what I was seeing/hearing. Then again, my family had me growing up watching Master of Disguise and half of the other things Doug has reviewed. LOL.

  27. I rented this movie after it had came out on dvd it had been erased from my memory til now

  28. it’s just plain embarrassing that two talented actors like Christopher Walken and Michael Shannon are wasting their time and energy in this crap. I hope they at least got a lot of money out of it.

  29. I honestly loved this movie. Sure, it’s flawed but I really enjoyed it anyway.
    I always found it a bit odd when people called it a kid’s movie, though. It seemed much more like an admittedly absurd comedy aimed at an older audience with a bit of childish CGI Kangaroo humour thrown in after the fact. Which is pretty much exactly what it was, apparently.

  30. Crap like this, Shrek, Jackass, and the Star Wars Prequels will forever be burned into my mind as the early 2000’s post-millennium bottoming out of the culture.

    Yes, there’s bad stuff in every era, and yes…it started to go downhill in the late 90’s…but there’s something about the crass, pandering, unsubtle nature, endless pop-culture references, and product placement heavy films of this era that make the cheese of previous eras feel innocent and almost quaint.

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