Kidnap and The Dark Tower – Midnight Screenings

Brad checks out Kidnap and The Dark Tower.

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  1. lilith_ascennding

    Wow, Kidnap sounds like a weird mix between Taken and The Man Who Knew Too Much, except Taken and TMWKTM were good movies. Also, am I the only one who likes the remake of Carrie? Don’t get me wrong, the original is well done, well acted and definitely has the superior prom scene, but I don’t think the remake strayed too far from the overall message of the book. In fact, it’s a lot more faithful to the book than the original. Some people might find the introduction of technology as a medium for both bullying and research as tacky, but since Carrie is supposed to be a tale about bullying in modern times, I think the technology is an excellent addition to the plot and gives it the more modern feel that would most likely occur in a high school circa the 2010’s. The most cringeworthy and dated part of that movie (or at least, that I can remember) was the Tim Tebow reference. Well, the prom scene in the remake was also really hokey (Chloe Grace Mortez was kind of overacting with all the random gestures if you ask me.). The acting in it was fine, too. Maybe it’s because I really love the novel (it was my first Stephen King novel and I wrote a research paper about it and everything for high school), but I just prefer the remake of Carrie to the original film.

  2. Kidnap sounds like it would be gory and/or badly edited. Fun fact: The director has directed some episodes of Z Nation.

    I’m too behind on movies like Valerian to catch The Dark Tower, I think. Sorry, Idris.

  3. That’s interesting to know how you guys feel about Science Fiction – how about the Horror stuff you watched though?! (Argh argh argh).

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