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Tamara watches Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service on a new Tamara’s Never Seen.

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  1. Tamara: This is an Anime film, So is Spirited Away.

    Just watch any of the Studio Ghibli or Miyazaki films…they’re mostly really good. “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” are my suggestions for films.

    Cowboy Bebop has a movie, but many episodes of the series are actually better in general. Read or Die, Death Note, and FlCL are good shorter series. Evangellion might be too much for a newbie…and many series like DBZ and Naruto have hundreds of episodes.

    • The Bebop movie is kind of like a long episode. I watch it after “Brain Scratch” and before “Hard Luck Woman.”

      Fullmetal Alchemist (original) is my anime recommendation.

      • People’s personal preferences between the first FMA and Brotherhood often seems to depend on which the individual saw first. Both are great, but I saw Brotherhood first, and so I tend to prefer it.

      • Yes, and people avoid the Full Metal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa film in general, it’s quite forgettable.

    • I get the feeling that the Cowboy Bebop Movie (aka Knocking on Heaven’s Door) is basically just an extended episode of the show. It works; I enjoy watching it. But I don’t feel like it really contributes much to the overall story of Bebop.

  2. The first thing you have to consider is this: Anime is not a genre. It is a medium. Just as music, film, and western animation are media that can encompass numerous genera and styles, so Anime likewise encompasses several different genera and styles.

    Sure, there are certain genera that are common to anime – the Magical Girl genre (like Sailor Moon), the Mech genre (like Robotech or Gundam), the Shonen Fighter genre (Dragonball Z). It also covers other genera as well, such as Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, and even Western. But this does not mean that all anime must fall neatly within any of these genera. In fact, some would content that Anime is at its best when it does something original or different and doesn’t fit neatly into any particular category.

    That said, I would suggest a few anime to check out:

    STEINS GATE – honestly, it’s almost best to watch this show without knowing what it’s really about. It watches almost like a sitcom most of the time, but there’s something very dark and sinister mystery at the root of it, and it gets really intense. It has very likeable characters and a very intriguing plot. If you absolutely must know, it’s about time travel.

    AZUMANGA DAIOH – if you like a cute anime that’s just about growing up, this is a good one. It’s about a group of high school girls – including the very precocious 10-year-old Chio-Chan – as they just enjoy a bunch of wacky adventures in their school experience. It’s mostly character-driven humor, but can be a bit introspective and even downright sad sometimes. If you like the characters from Kiki and Spirited Away, I’d say give this one a view.

    FULL METAL ALCHEMIST/BROTHERHOOD – set in a fantasy world based on 19th century Imperial Europe, this is a story about two brothers. The older brother, Edward, has committed some terrible deeds using the power of Alchemy which left him disabled (literally costing him an arm and a leg), and left his younger brother Alphonse trapped in a suit of armor. Edward is on a quest to free his brother from his curse, but gets caught up in a massive battle between the forces of good and evil. Both series tell essentially the same story, but Brotherhood actually follows the original manga. I personally prefer Brotherhood, but both series are great.

    • Japan seriously needs its own Hogwarts.

      And that dude: That’s totally Waldo! When he gets a little older, people all over the world are going to be looking for him.

  3. Howl’s moving castle should be your nextt movie after Spirited Away. so good!

  4. I love love love your headband. Also, I’ve never seen Kiki’s Delivery Service either. I wonder how you would react to Peach Girl or Ouran High School Host Club. Those are pretty short, if I remember correctly.

  5. EmoTheWonderGirl

    Anime recommendations: Anything Shinichiro Watanabe, Macross Plus would work best for this series but I know that it’s hit or miss for some people. Satoshi Kon films are good if you want something emotional and sometimes traumatic. Akira if you want classic sci-fi. Read or Die is fun and the main character is way more dorky than that title implies. Paradise Kiss is a short series (12 episodes) but it is beautiful and heartbreakingly honest. I hesitate to recommend anything that ties into a series because those are best enjoyed when you are familiar with the series. Not always, like with Macross Plus, but most of the time.

  6. I’d say do an episode on Castle in the Sky, but I get the feeling most people haven’t seen that one.

  7. I am not sure if you’ve watched any of the Pokemon movies, but if you haven’t, start with the First Movie.

  8. How about Ghost in the Shell anime movie from 90’s? That one os godlike as are most movies (not including Tales from Earthsea) from Studio Chibli.

    Then of course there is Cowboy Bebop the movie that’s worth watching if you want to watch something from Cowboy Bebop without wanting to watch entire series.

    Madoka Magica has three movies were first two are retelling of series while third one is story that continues story. If you want to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion then best choice is Rebuild of Evangelion movies that are far better than series that those are based on.

  9. It would actually be cool to see you do Cowboy Bebop episode-by-episode, kinda like this. Maybe talk to Doug if he has time to join you, since Doug is a fan of the show and really, you and Doug are a pretty great duo talking about.. stuff. I loved the Big Trouble in Little China episode of TNS.

  10. Laputa Castle in the Sky is pretty much must see for anyone who likes a good story, anime or otherwise.

  11. The Movie Explorer

    What I love about this film is that all the plot is in the first five minutes and the last five minutes. Virtually NOTHING happens in between, it’s just a bunch of little slice-of-life vignettes. And yet, it remains compelling from start to finish.

    I think what sums up this movie, perhaps Miyazaki’s entire career, is one VERY short scene where Kiki is passing this beautiful garden with a wrought-iron gate. It was just such a sumptuous and stunning image that I was crushed that she didn’t enter the garden!

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