Kirk Cameron’s Revive Us – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Irving see the Kirk Cameron Fathom Event, titled Revive Us.

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  1. I am the Lorax, I speak as a conservative Christian. I couldn’t vote for Trump as either a conservative or a Christian. He’s repugnant (putting it mildly) as a person and who even knows what politically. He goes back and forth so much it’s impossible to tell. He does enjoy big government control, so he’s too liberal for me on top of being despicable and incompetent. Thus, if I was in a swing state, I would sigh and vote for Clinton.

    • Glad to hear it. This is the message I’ve been trying to tell everyone. I do not get why 80% of white evangelicals are behind him. It completely defies what they’ve always said they consider.

      And, yes, “they.” Because I finally decided to cut the chord. I no longer call myself an evangelical. Sure, I’m still a Christian. But I do not want to lump myself in with people who can rationalize voting for an Antichrist.

      (And that’s what he is. Take Jesus’s position on anything. Reverse it. Then you know Trump’s position.)

      • I left the Republican party when he got the nomination. Stopped calling myself an Evangelical years ago when I accepted myself as gay.

        I wouldn’t say he’s an anti-Christ, exactly. I try to reserve the term for very specific people so as not to dilute it.

        Mind, I also think the Clintons put him up to run in the first place because they knew she couldn’t beat most of the Republicans running.

        • See, that’s largely the reason I didn’t want a Trump candidacy to start with: he was too buddy-buddy with the Clintons to be a real threat to them. What’s more, his ideas were just too far gone to be of any real value except to make his supporters look like crazed idiots.

          I really wanted a decent Republican candidate, one who took the issues seriously, but also recognized the importance of approaching problems from a reasonable perspective, not the crazed lunacy of the Trumpies.

          As for Hillary, I really thought Bernie should have been the nominee. It’s clear that Democratic voters really wanted him; it’s just that Hillary had the political clout and was able to shove him to the side. Just look at the assigned delegates vs. the “super delegates”: Bernie and Hillary were running fairly neck-and-neck with the assigned delegates, but all the “super delegates” went to Hillary. Imbalance much?

          Say what you want about Bernie, but at least he’s not surrounded by controversy like Hillary.

          This whole election has been one big mess, and we Americans should hold our heads in shame for it.

  2. But leaning towards Trump doesn’t work. He’s the non-Christian. He’s the one who doesn’t believe he’s done anything that requires forgiveness. He’s the one who believes in his own personal power, putting himself first.

    Clinton is the Christian in this election. She’s the Methodist. She goes to the congressional prayer sessions (according to rumors). She fights for the rights of the downtrodden because of her Christian upbringing.

    Now, sure, Pence is a Christian (though I think Kaine is a better one, seeing as he even went to fricken Honduras on a mission trip after becoming a lawyer–not even starting his career first.) Trump is not. He’s basically just dared the Religious Right to come with him, dangling those Republican-approved Supreme Court judges.

  3. The last thing I expected out of this video was political talk. I guess that’s what you get in late October. I’m pretty religious and that’s precisely why I don’t vote. Still, I’m not going to see this movie. One last thing: I can’t find any other reviews for this movie. Actually, I haven’t heard about this movie until this video.

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