Korean Tron – Brandon Tenold

It’s my first animated movie of 2016 with the Tron knock-off “Korean Tron” (1983)! It may not have light-cycles, but it DOES have a horny robot doll!

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  1. Without even seeing more than a few seconds or listening ahead, I can already tell that’s made by the same people who made that terrible “Space Thunder Kids” Sage and Spoony reviewed years ago.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Dam you Brandon instead of finding that I got your nose scene annoying I am now saying it over and over again(but whoever thought there would be a sex robot in an animated tron knockoff from korea that is also a toddler guess these knockoff work in mysterious ways)!!! Good review anyways and next time review an animated movie from Japan.

  3. The race car that “Black John” uses bares a very striking resemblance to the real life Tyrrell P34, an Formula One racing car famous for being the first (And so far only) one to race with six wheels instead of four. Wouldn’t be surprised if the animators ripped it off, changed the logos and added a cannon onto it:

  4. Who is Bradon Tenold and why is he tagged into this review?

  5. Aside from … uh . . . umm .. … . KEITH, yeah Keith. That’s his name. Aside from Keith not getting the girl at the end it seemed pretty formulaic.

    Another great video.

  6. Oh My God! I need to see this movie. The animation looks like discount version of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. That to me is already golden. As an added bonus, it sounds like it was dubbed by Tommy Wiseau and the woman from the flower shop in The Room.


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