Legend of Korra Vlogs: Battle of Zaofu

Just you, me, and my GUARDS! After Suyin and her twin sons are captured while infiltrating Kuvira’s camp to take her out, Kuvira agrees to a duel with Korra to decide control of Zaofu.

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  1. Just throwing this out before I watch the video but ‘General Zelda’? This episode confirmed it to me, she’s just a two-bit powerhungry tyrant.

    The moment that sold it to me is the end of Korra’s fight with her and something similar for the son during the fight Bolin had last episode. They were both going for deathblows.

    For the son it was when he tried to crush Bolin in the suit which forced him out.
    For Zelda it was with those blades.
    She had already beaten Korra but by continuing and attempting to MURDER A DEFENSELESS KORRA she forced Opal and Jenora into stepping in.
    They didn’t break the terms but by luring them out into ‘interfering’ she can act as if they did.

    The fact that both are immediately going for the forced superweapon project from the clean energy research and that anyone who disagrees is imprisoned also isn’t helping one bit. As far as I care both can die a horrible death.

    Then again fascists are one of the few kinds of people to truly infuriate me so maybe I’m just demonizing them more then I should but I think both should still be hanged.

    • One more thing, her speech about equality confirmed it for me.
      Zaofu was attacked for it’s resources and tech so maybe not as much out of spite but I doubt it was a minor factor.

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