Legend of Korra Vlogs: Enemy at the Gate

Just a knock on the door, right? As Kuvira’s army marches on Zaofu, Suyin refuses to let her city join the new empire, and Korra tries in vain to negotiate a peaceful outcome.

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  1. Maybe I’m not seeing it but as far as I’ve seen ‘General Zelda’ could just as easily be coming for the metalbending city out of spite with the unifying as an excuse to justify her actions.

    Plus the holding Varrick over the rails part for refusing to make a superweapon, yeah, screaming powerhungry/mad.
    Who goes for making a superweapon and not plan to use it to conquer.

    And before anyone starts, yes nukes are used as a deterrent now but when the first were made they were designed to destroy.

    • About nukes and deterrents.
      This season really suspiciously reminds of Metal Gear Solid 5: “a legendary hero” who’s been broken and were recuperating for years, a villian who “was send to hell, deprived of homeland and now taking it back while going even further”, child fighters, a mecha and nukes, weird (abusive ?) romance between super-engineers, sacrifices and stealth operations, spirits (MGS5 features flying flaming whales, unicorns and phantoms), lesbian vibes, etc.

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