Legend of Korra Vlogs: Korra Alone and the Coranation

2 for the price of none.

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  1. I am happy I waited to watch your vlogs after I saw the season myself. I am the kind of guy who avoids trailers when I can and with this I managed to. Just some minor things that just plopped out of no where. But did´t bother anything for me. Anyway becuse I don´t do much thinking until maybe the very end of the season. So I saw the WW2 pararels kind of early. I mean “Zelda” what´s her name, she is just like Hitler. Feels like her nation have fallen apart and want to make it strong again. Hitler when he appeared was like a saint to many people. Germany where in big, big trouble and tormented. So I really like how this show manage to show that in a good way.

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