Legend of Korra Vlogs: Operation Beifong and Kuvira’s Gambit

Two episodes this big must be done at the same time!

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  1. Toph really just likes sucking the fun out of mysteries and whatnot. But in a hilarious manner. However, did anybody think that Varick was being an asshole when Jhu Li? I felt like that was really bad.

    So am I the only one who thought that maybe Roger Smith from The Big O would come out with Big O to “Negotiate” with Kuvira in her giant mech? I know that it would not make sense, but I would just like to see a fight with those two.

    As for this season on a whole right now. I feel like Season 3 had more impact and was better. I feel like Zaheer was better than Kuvira due to the mystery and “Expendables” like fights. Zaheer really damaged Korra on a physical, mental, and spiritual level too. Kuvira’s fights were kind of lacking and there really isn’t any real mystery. Plus her one fight with Korra only was a victory due to Zaheer’s actions still affecting Korra. Even Amon had much more intrigue and angle than Kuvira.

    Sorry guys, Kuvira is just lacking as a villain.

    • Only two left at this point. Since they’re aired together, that means this is the penultimate vlog and the next one will conclude it all. Surprised they didn’t bring up Varrick and Zhu Li and just one more thing: Lin and Su have separate fathers! They’re not the same!

      • huh i though everyone knew they had seperate look at lin and su lin said half sister when talking about her

      • We’ve known about Su’s father being different from Lin’s since she was introduced.

        I’m actually kind of glad that we know who Lin’s Dad is now but the fact they didn’t tell us Su’s angered my roommate so much xD.

        Personally I’m pretty sure Su’s dad is a water bender or one of the darker skinned dart benders you see, because her skin tone along with the rest of her family (besides Bataar of course) has skin closer to Korra’s.

    • Well Mako does have Smith’s eyebrows.

    • I think what makes Kuvira an intimidating villain for Korra is the parallels between them–at least when Korra just started out as Avatar. People have compared them once or twice, and it’s an understandable image (going to extremes to get what she wants, etc.). When Korra saw Kuvira’s face suddenly turn into hers, that wasn’t just a random scare. It’s seeing herself in Kuvira. So she wants to prove that she has changed and wants better in the world, but she needs to face this foe that reminds her of her old self.

  2. I’m a little sad that they couldn’t talk about the episodes more, but as they said, December is extremely busy for them.

    I am so stoked for the finale. While it’s only going to be two episodes (one hour), I feel like like they are going to go out with a bang. I mean, I honestly don’t think they could screw this up since they have constantly been on point for this entire season.

    On another note, has anyone noticed that the death toll has gone up significantly in the last episode alone? Let’s look at the progression. In the Original series, Jet is the only person I know of who actually died. Then in season 1, Amon and his brother blow up. Season 2 Unalaq died. Season 3 Zaheer’s girlfriend got her head blown off, then the earth queen was suffocated by Zaheer. Now in Season 4, Kuvira kills everyone in the gaurd tower without warning then she kills at least a hundred people in those battle ships.

    • Eh, the guards probably had parachutes.

    • Lets not forget Mako frying that water tentacle girl without a shred of remorse, and the original lava bender burying himself in a molten, fiery grave.

      Overall, Zaheer’s entire team got some gruesome deaths by Avatar standards.

    • In the original show, Professor Zei and Combustion Man died. Although it’s been retconned that Zhao is stuck in the Fog of Lost Souls, I personally think being in the Avatar world’s equivalent of hell is akin to dying. Yue had to die to become the Moon Spirit, and the Koizilla drowned a large portion of Zhao’s fleet. I’m not sure why I’m so fixated on death when it comes to family shows.

      • Probably because it feels more unexpected there. You know people can and most likely will die in a show like Breaking Bad or GOT, but in a kid-friendly adventure about a kid on a flying bison?

        It might also just be the weird dissonance created by people dying and the characters abject refusal to acknowledge it directly (mostly how they have to dance around the word “die,” because apparently network censors are moronic).

  3. There are two things I noticed this episode that seem to be kind of continuity errors.
    Don’t they have planes? Why don’t they use them? They don’t even talk about it.
    Also doesn’t Tenzin have four children? They got a baby in season one, it should be about three years old by now, but we never saw it again.
    Just seems weird to me that the show would completely forget that these things happened, usually a lot of things come back. Or did I miss anything?

  4. I know you are overworked, but I’d still ask
    when will the Adventure Time vlogs resume?

    • True, I think the new episodes have all been great. I want to see his reaction on Is That You the most but as he said December is a busy month.

    • Since he has to travel out to meet up with the rest of the cast for those, it’s only practical for him to make them in batches. And with the constant delays/erratic release schedule of the show, it can take a while for a decent backlog to accumulate.

      Hell, it’s been 3 months and they’re only 6 episodes behind. A whole hour and change of footage to work with.

  5. It’s as if Kuvira’s motivation is petty angry rebellion. Oh boo fucking hoo, cry me a river.

    Kuvira:”But Waahz, I’m desperate for attention because issu-”

    Shut up.

    • On second thought they may be using her as a deconstruction of the Freudian excuse. Even a Magnificent bastard style villain will still be tethered by the issues and insecurities that led to their villiny in the first place.

    • Kuvira’s deal is that she is genuinely motivated to cause order and stability for civic good. It just so happens that she’s a ruthlessly pragmatic totalitarian. Kinda of like the machines in The Matrix, ironically enough.

  6. My only nitpick with recent episodes is that some characters do feel like they’re being sidelined. Especially, Asami, who’s grown to be one of my favorite characters. Some times she doesn’t even get many lines. I’m aware that time constrictions, and with so much going on, they can’t get everyone involved, but… she wasn’t even in the interrogation room with the others. I’m not saying she’d have a purpose, but I do wish we got more of her like we did in season 3.

    • ShakespeareanInsults

      Exactly! I wish she got more lines. She’s a great character but she gets sideline a lot this season and it makes me sad because I love Asami. She had great moments. I mean the finale is coming up soon so I hope she at will do something epic with her future gadget/industries stuff lol

  7. Rebecca Speckenbach

    The sound of Kuvira’s laser is the same sound that Unalaq/Vaatu’s giant spirit beam makes. It’s a cool throwback and makes a cool connection between the two spirit attacks.

  8. Rebecca Speckenbach

    I still think Season 3 is my favorite, even though I love this season too. I miss the interactions with all the main characters- they’re still there now, but I feel like everyone is more spread out this season. I miss seeing more of Asami, Bumi, and Kya- I loved their sibling conflicts and dynamic. I also just loved Jinora’s whole arc in Season 3. The finale when she gets her tattoos makes me cry every time I watch it. I do love all the extra Bolin and Varrick this season though. Bolin’s finally a badass!
    It could also be the fact that I watched Season 3 in one day and wasn’t watching it weekly like I am with Season 4. I felt like I could be more invested in the story.

  9. Kuvira, in my opinion, is… slipping. Not from an out of universe writing stand point rather it’s brilliant on that front but the character directly is. She’s definitely and able to maintain a war machine going 2-3 years shows that but this action of firing has crippled her. She had three engineers working on this weapon. Varrick, Ju-li, and Batar Jr. The first defected, the second was a fifth column and SHE JUST SHOT THE LAST ONE! Who going maintain this thing, who’s going to repair when it breaks and it will? Also, your using a metal weapon made at least partially from bendable components against Metalbenders. Kuvira when did you stop thinking? Again the writing is still brilliant and it’s a good direct but the character herself not at her best in planning.

    • Exactly. Kuvira seems to have some severe issues at loss of control. She doesn’t deal well with disobedience and is almost desperate to inspire loyalty, which interestingly seems to stem somewhat from Suyin.

  10. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    I’ve been a fan of Avatar since The Boy and the Iceberg first aired on TV; almost ten years ago! So, I’m really sad to see this end. But you’re right – it’s been a terrific season and hopefully it will go out on a high note.

    I actually didn’t mind the ‘Meelo realizing that he was too loud’ scene. I mean, yeah, it was cheesy and probably the least funniest joke. But in a weird way…it was actually character development for Meelo. In the beginning, he was just the hyper, loud, kid. That was really his only trait. So for him to accept the fact that being hyper and loud isn’t the best thing to do in this scenario…that’s kind of a neat little moral.

    Besides, I really think that Korra was just trying to protect him. All throughout the season, it’s kind of been a subtle running theme that Ikki and Meelo want to be in the action but they’re just too young. That’s why I really loved the episode where the siblings to to save Korra and Meelo is acting like he’s the one in charge when we all know that he’s probably too young to even be there. Or when they went back to Zaofu and Korra had them stay with Huang. Nobody wants to come right out and admit that they’re too young but at the same time, nobody wants them to get hurt, so they’re subtly putting them in safe situations while also trying to not make them feel bad.

  11. Thanks Rob for saying it before I have to.

    Mega Maid is hilarious. Or as we were saying in our house. She has a Megatron! A Megatron!

    Highlight of Operation: Beifong – Lin’s look. That wasn’t daggers, that was a nuclear blast.

    Lowlight of Operation: Beifong – Toph bowing out of the fight. I was expecting this fight for the clip show shot. She’s in the swamp, they are cutting up the swamp. I was expecting a Princess Monoke style smack down. (Yes, ironically, that movie is up today on Disneycember) But after pummeling the Avatar she can’t fight the big fight on account of RHEUMATISM? Boo!

    Highlight of Kuvira’s Gambit: Kidnapping Bataar Jr. This is the first thing Korra has done right this whole season. I know that sounds harsh but check the facts. Everything else she’s suggested or tried has blown up in her face. It’s true this outcome has a similar explosion, but the kidnapping itself worked flawlessly.

    Lowlight of Kuvira’s Gambit: The giant mecha suit. This is the Avatar world. Giant war machines hold no swag here. Earthbenders flip tanks, an Air and Waterbender took out a drill machine. Honestly, Bolin’s lava bending can melt her feet to the ground and its game over. Princess Zelda was more impressive leading armies and taking on the Avatar mono-e-mono.

    • Yeah, i could think of so many ways the robot could be defeated. Even if it’s not made of metal (how can Kuvira manipulate it then?) i can think of plenty of ways to take it down. Just flip, ice or melt the ground it walks on. Use all the airbenders for the final push! I doubt it’s mobile enough to get up on its own. Then enter through the head and take out Kuvira!

  12. Short V-log for two episodes but I guess that you can’t say much about something that’s good. It looks like there will be two episodes left in this season but I could be wrong.

  13. I was kinda sad that Toph didn’t do all that much in the episode, i mean yeah she maid an earth wave but then nothing, but i guess she is old now so, fine.
    And i was not surprise that Kuvira shot at him, in fact at first i thought, she was going to wait for his call with the president and most as the head of the city and blast air temple island, so.

  14. I got an Attack on Titan vibe from this episode XD
    On that day, Republic City received a grim reminder.

  15. Main thing for me; Literally Kuvira’s 1 and only humanizing factor was taken away this episode and when I saw it the only thing I could think to say was, “WHY?!”. I keep hoping for something from the villains and story from Korra then they do stuff like this. She like the others seem to just do villainous things without reason. It wouldn’t bother me nearly so much if I didn’t remember the advertisement from the beginning claiming this would be a “more adult” story. Why does she Need Republic City? Why is it important enough to kill the 1 person she claimed to love?

    • Watch again. She’s clearly remourseful about killing Baatar. If anything, it solidifies her as an extremist, willing to do anything for civic functioning.

      • I noticed she was remorseful that doesn’t make what happened more logical. She still doesn’t need the city for any solid given reason and she still claimed to love him. I don’t know about you but if something I in no way needed came between something/someone I loved the love would win. What would happen if she pulled out of this 1 city?

  16. Anyone else getting a reaper vibe?

  17. So apparently there was one person who didn’t see the obviously telegraphed villain betrayal. Oh, poor Rob. But you’re getting there, though. You’re almost thinking for yourself and calling the show on its nonsense and plot holes. The Lin-Toph talk wasn’t well-written, it was borderline cut from the show. The Prince’s “moment of truth” was manufactured specifically to give him a break. Kuvira’s shooting of her own fiance was pretty much decided the moment he was kidnapped… Seriously, what else were they going to do with Batar? Kuvira is obviously evil, OF COURSE she’d sooner shoot her loved ones than negotiate. She is not subtle.

    As to Korra’s “great plan?” That was anything BUT a great plan. Korra has become the boogyman… Boogywoman… Girl… Whatever. “Oh, I’ll take you away!” To where? Where are you going to take him that Kuvira won’t simply invade? Why is he dumb enough to buy that? If they’d actually done the good-cop/bad-cop with Korra flipping her lid and threatening to kill him ala Tango and Cash, I could buy that, but “I’ll take you away?” I thought this WASN’T a kid’s show.

    Well, I’m really glad you guys like the Gypsy Danger, in a world with nothing even remotely like the kind of technology to support this, nor really the narrative setting to make use of it. Nor indeed the long-term memory to even bring up how Korra can grow into a giant blue spirit thing. Yeah, why wasn’t THAT her first response? “Oh, this thing is as big as the giant Vaatu. Let’s see if I can’t beat it the same way.” It doesn’t have to work, but not even bringing it up is just silly.

    Doug is still determined to come up with every which reason possible to excuse the show, but Rob at least seems like he’s starting to think critically. Let’s hope he continues.

    • Look, dude. I don’t mind that you have your own opinions on this show. But insulting other people for enjoying it just makes you look like a jerk. I’m not writing this because you don’t like the show. I’m writing it because you’re trying to ruin other people’s enjoyment of a show they like. And your disrespectful attitude is really pissing me and other people off. So either be respectful in your comments, or don’t comment at all.

      • But then he can’t act like an attention desperate manchild

      • Don’t even bother. This guy returns every damn week just to spout nonsense complaints with little to no motivation behind them. All while accusing Doug of “bias” and not looking at things critically, even though all he really means s “your opinion is not the same as mine and therefore you are stupid”.

    • I wished Korra could’ve at least said she would IMPRISON Bataar somewhere remote, that would be extreme without physically hurting him, but as it stands it’s such a vague threat. “Take him away?” To where??? How???

    • Don’t you have anything better to do with your pathetic excuse of a life instead of waiting for the next Korra V-log?

  18. The only thing I didn’t get about the mech is made of metal and there’s like 4 or so powerful metal benders just standing around not doing anything! All they had to do was take out the legs and bam! Mech down for at least awhile. Fun episode overall though.

  19. I like seeing Wu getting some character progression. I wish they could do mature him a little more gradually, but pacing’s always been a weak point for “Legend of Korra”. Still, it’s good to see that he has the potential to be a good king.

  20. I don’t know how to feel about having giant robots on Korra. Steampunk mech tanks, sure, but this is a bit too much i think. How can anyone keep the creation of that thing a secret anyway?! And I know it would be crazy to animated by hand, but i just don’t care for the use of CGI.

    We’ll see how the show ends. For now I think Season 4 has been a bit disappointing compared to 3. The last REALLY good episode has been Korra Alone which was a while ago. Other than that episode, the titular character hasn’t given much to do.

    Doesn’t help that Kuvira is immensely dull. I don’t care what gender she is, this character is not the villain you should end the Avatar saga with! Would’ve worked better if she was a friend first, but we don’t get to see that because of the time skip (which i know feel was a misstep). Or maybe if the Red Lotus had been behind her all along!

    • I think she is incredibly complex. You see why she chose to become a tyrant, you see that she genuinely loved Baatar and was remourseful for her murder.

    • The huge mecha suit bugs me a bit too, actually. I mean, the Fire Nation had built the Great Drill almost a century ago, so I guess it’s not impossible for something like the mechsuits to be redesigned in massive scale.

      What bugs me is that we have no idea how it works. With the drill, they gave us a pretty thorough rundown of how everything connected, how each pipe could be blocked to make the thing pop and so on. This thing just kinda runs. Yeah, a giant metal suit wouldn’t be much of a problem for metalbenders, but if Kuvira’s driving all on her own, at least a SLIGHT explanation would be nice.

      What bothered me more in terms of technology was the radio frequency tracer or whatever that Kuvira used when Batar called her at the end of the episode. “Trace this radio transmission”? Even today, tracing phone calls can be pretty tough without the best connection, but somehow their giant mechsuit can also pinpoint specific radios using non-existent radars? That was a bit farfetched.

  21. I actually liked Prince Wu’s mini speech. His time with Mako has kinda taken away most of his snobbishness and although he’s still naive and silly and a bit unaware, I think that’s exactly what the Earth Kingdom-in-exile needs. Not a strict, uptight monarch like the Earth Queen was, but someone a bit silly, a bit more human and relatable for the people to get behind once Kuvira’s overthrown.

    In a way, he kinda reminds me of the original Earth King from ATLA. A bit dim, but he’s also got those accidental strokes of genius that I think are just the right combo to make him the poster child in the reestablishment of his Royal Family.

    • Though one should remember that the Earth King raised the Earth Queen, and wasn’t exactly the most… how to put it gently… competent, of rulers. Then again if the choice is between Doofus Earth King who gets manipulated by actually competent if amoral people, or full on evil Earth Queen, I guess the former is preferable 😉

      • Well, it seemed like she actually hated him and his choices, so maybe she turned out the way she did as a sort of youthful rebellion against her father’s personality, and it stuck. And yeah, I can kind of imagine a child doing that with Wu as their parent, but maybe he’ll develop a little bit more under the pressure of the oncoming fight with Kuvira.

        Then again, if the Earth Kingdom really is meant to reflect Imperial China, then I’m afraid their ruling family hasn’t got much to look forward to…

  22. With all the mechas running around, they might as well skip the whole Avatar thing for a sequel and just make the future a robot war show like VOTOMS or something.

    I don’t buy Wu’s development either. He would be a horrible leader.

  23. What if the twist of this show is that the avatar loses and Kuvira takes over?

  24. So then! These two episodes definitely bring the entertainment factor on, even if I prefer the first to the second.

    Episode 10 manages to have a lot of cool scenes and fights, and even sows the seeds for Bataar Jr probably joining the crew. I knew from the moment that he wanted to stop the cannon from firing because his sister was there that there would be SOME kind of reckoning later down the line, even if he certainly seemed to have forgotten about that in episode eleven and couldn’t wait to marry the woman who was willing to blow up the sister he tried to save a little while ago… ah, but since when has believable romance been these writers wheelhouse? Suffice to say that the sequence between Kuvira and Bataar Jr gave me MAJOR P’li/Zaheer vibes, even if this scene wasn’t quite as awkwardly written and hilariously stilted (seriously, that scene between them was on par with “I love you wife”). I knew they were doomed, just not how it would happen.

    It was cool to see Suyin and Kuvira go up close, lots of cool metal-bending stuff going on here, and to finish it off with Toph appearing and then have the camera linger on a Kuvira who dared go up against the Avatar but most emphatically does NOT cross Toph Beifong… that was neat. Almost makes up for the non-reason of Toph having a bad back, and the writers trying to save face with saying that’s why Katara didn’t fight as well. Nice try, but when Zuko is even older yet can fight perfectly well, and Katara didn’t even TRY to affect the war and what was going on then by say, debating or organizing a counter-movement or do anything but sit down and look sad, putting a cute little bow on the elephant in the room and say it’s got rheumatism isn’t gonna fly.

    Also, seems like my theory, that Asami reconciling with her father might be a hint that there could be a reconciliation of sorts between Suyin and Kuvira, isn’t panning out. The story seems to be painting Kuvira as a straight-up villain and nobody seems to adress the mistakes Suyin did that allowed Kuvira to rise up. But we still have two episodes to go in which I can at least HOPE they’ll acknowledge that Suyin refusing to try and bring some stability to the land resulted in Kuviras rise to power. As is the show just seems to be interested in pushing Suyins version of the story, that Kuvira got where she is by manipulation and underhanded tricks. It feels like they won’t call Su on the mistakes she made and will let her get away scot-free and it was all Kuviras fault for being a mean poopy-pants. But then again, there are two more episodes to go. Still time dammit.

    • Also, lotta Beifong stuff in this episode… but I’m afraid that at this point I care as little as Toph does about that family drama. I don’t even know why- maybe it’s something to do with what Doug suggests, that losing one episode to a recap episode made this so compressed, but the way things went down felt a bit anti-climactic? Though we did get some exposition on lava-bending, a name for Lins dad and again, some cool fight scenes. Also, Bolin was tolerable because he acted selflessly for others and didn’t do as many painfully un-funny quips as he usually does, so that’s a plus.

      Gotta admit that I’m generally not with Doug on finding the show funny. I groan whenever Bolin makes a pun, I thought prince Wu’s scene fell really flat because the speech wasn’t even motivational- he talks about his bathroom habits, and suddenly the fop who the entire city has treated with indifference or dislike is supposed to be a great motivator? And through it all no one says outright “Yo people we have definitive proof that Kuvira is going to attack and that is why we are initiating the evacuation”? Yeah, gonna have to work harder on selling me on that one. And Meelo…

      I just hate Meelo. Everything he stands for, really. The scene where Korra denounces him was a godsend, even if she was much kinder about it than I would have been. I was just glad that the show acknowledged Meelo is without any actual dramatic depth or value and that when stuff gets serious he should be shoved away into a corner and never heard from again through the remainder of the series.

      I may have issues.

      • At any rate, Bumin and Tenzin ties Bataar jr into a sack. They’re so useful you guys. Tenzin is making such good use of his wisdom and experience and role as a mentor.
        I am being ironic. Tenzin is completely superfluous to everything that happens here and has been so for like two whole seasons now. sad, really. While I do like the interrogation sequence and how Korra pretty much immediately folds when her bluff is called because she doesn’t have it in her to torture… I do kind of wonder why she thought that would work. Or for that matter why her plan B would work. Am I the only one who just didn’t get that part at all? First of all, what makes her think she can outrun Kuvira? If she drags Bataar Jr into another country, wouldn’t that just provoke Kuvira into attacking them as well for aiding an enemy of the Earth Empire? Would Korra really put the Water Tribes or Fire Nation through that? And even if they do return Bataar Jr to her… what on Earth makes them think Kuvira isn’t just going to immediately turn around and march right back? And seriously, what IS Bataar Jrs reason for leaving his mom? Are we really just going to leave it at “he was a diaperpiss-baby who was jealous of his father so he participated in a massive campaign of war and persecution to build his own fortune?” Kiiinda weak character right there, I must admit.

        Though I suppose that one could be generous again, and presume it was just a ruse to buy them time to gather reinforcements or allies. Which brings us to the giant robot in the room- Mecha Maid. Like others have said… what IS preventing bender soldiers from bending off the metal? Turning the field into a mudpit and bogging it down? Superheating and melting their way in? Though I suppose the answer could be “It’s a gigantic weapon with a surprisingly fast firing rate despite earlier technical hiccups and which is protected by an army of other benders, so any attempts to destroy the terrain could be countered by the bending-army and any large group of benders gathering near can be one-shotted”. So yeah- not looking too good there. They could’ve mined the ground at least…

        I wonder what will be used to bring it down. Will they use one of those flying dragon-fly armors, or did they all go up in flames and they were just a big ol’ red herring? Will the spirits return to help Korra? Because I gotta admit, I found the spirits reasoning preeeetty bullshit. They chose to settle inside the city, and to then have them act all hoity-toity, aloof and above mere mortal transgressions ESPECIALLY when Kuvira has been messing with their vines… yeah, I don’t buy that there aren’t one or two of them that wouldn’t want a piece of Kuvira.

        • I believe the spirits will help. If not, it sort of feels like bringing them into the human world just wasn’t worth anything, that they played no part whatsoever in the story, and that wouldn’t exactly reflect well on Korras metaphorical score-card as an avatar.
          Bring back air benders = 1 point.
          Unintentionally imbue the murderer of the earth Queen with the means to throw the world into chaos = -1 point.
          Also bring about an energy resource that can be used to blow up the world = Another -1 point.
          Although potentially using the vines themselves to create a giant Groot-armor for Korra to fight the giant robot, thus turning Kuviras very source of power against her but showing that Korra does it through asking and co-operating with the spirit vines rather than forcing it? I think we would have some major points in her favor there. Gonna hope that happens. Also, plus points for the writers finally making president Raiko competent. I have no idea how he changed so much during those three years, but at least he now feels like someone you can trust to lead, and not just some weak “I only care about my voting numbers!” caricature as he was before.

          Lastly, I’m a bit surprised that we didn’t have them talk about Varrick or Zhu Li. Zhu Lis sabotage seemed more than a little bit clumsy (she had a very important piece of metal on her person when near an expert metal bender, really?) but it can be justified by her maybe being short on time, even if we didn’t see the sabotage take place so it could have been anytime. But it was nice to see her finally stand up to Varrick, who will probably get some kind of moment with her where he understands and apologizes in a Varrick-y way for what he’s done. Though Bolin? You haven’t earned that “man I cannot believe you are this dense”slap. You haven’t earned it at all.

          So in the end, I can’t say I’m superhyped going in, but… it will be the end of the avatar ride for the foreseeable future, and I have stuck by it this long. That’s gotta count for something, so I guess that some part of me is excited. Guess we’ll just have to see how this all turns out…

  25. I always wondered if Kuvira was just delusional or if she really does realize she’s pretty much just another Firelord Ozai but doesn’t care because she’s powerful and everyone loves her. But then she commissioned the construction of Gypsy Danger and tried to blow up her fiance…kinda removes any doubt that this woman thinks she’s anything less than lady Hitler.

  26. Oh man, I can’t wait for you guys to cover the finale. Without getting too spoiler heavy, I can’t wait to hear your opinions on Korra’s growth shown in the resolution, and what may be an incredibly important moment in the ending.

  27. I would have liked to see the lin has problems with toph stuff drawn out a bit longer, but I still thought that it was pretty effective as it was.

    I enjoyed the Beifong family drama in general, I like toph as much as the next person but it does make sense that she’s probably not the best mother, so it nice that we see the consequences of her parenting.

    Talking about toph I love how anticlimactic the reveal of lin’s dad is, its just some random guy we never heard off.

    I have mixed feeling about zhu li’s defection being fake, but I do like how she’s isn’t going to take varrick’s crap anymore.

    I agree with Doug that kuvira did seem remorseful that she had to kill her fiancé, I like that because even though she’s a straight up villain at this point she still has some humanity.

  28. You really need to see the finale as soon as possible, I’d love to hear what you think of the very last scene.

  29. with Legend of Korra at the end, i might have an idea of something you guys can watch, cuz this show have many adults jokes from the childhood we didnt see when we where little kids, but now can see cuz we are more older, and that show im talking about is…Tiny Toons Adventure, trust me, you guys is gonna thank me for this 1 😉

  30. so the finale………i am sad it’s over.

    ……….someone buy the series from Nick (who can’t be trusted with the rights.) and do something with it. Video Games, another show that doesn’t necessarily have to involve an Avatar (Maybe the main character is just a regular bender), fucking ANYTHING.

    i want more of this world, more i tell you!

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