Legend of Korra Vlogs: Reunion

Korra sees through trees now? As Korra reunites with her friends in Republic City, Wu is abducted on Kuvira’s orders. Korra, Asami, and Mako rescue him from a train and hide him with Mako’s family in Asami’s property.

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  1. So I guess they both just forgot that Aang did like the EXACT same vine trick to find Appa and Momo in the swamp back in Season 2? Cause I’m pretty sure Nick even reused the original shots of the vines carrying the spirit sight or whatever you want to call it.

  2. Welp, the fact this episode brings up the purge of non-Earth folk we can throw Stalinism out the window and get straight back to Hitler for ‘General Zelda’.

    I really hope she gets something like P’Li did last season though I can’t really think of a death by having her metalbending turned on her other then impalement.

    • Also, invasion of sovereign territory and kidnapping/assassination are added to the list of the ‘Earth Empire”s crimes because we all know they would’ve executed Prince Wu the moment they’d have gotten him back and in front of a camera.

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