Legend of Korra Vlogs: Season 4 Premiere

Now THAT’S how you start a final season! Three years after the defeat of Zaheer, the vain Prince Wu is about to be crowned Earth King, and Mako is assigned as his bodyguard.

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  1. A little thing I’d like to point out something you guys kinda didn’t talk about.

    ‘General Zelda’ had sentenced the bandits to death on that track.
    I don’t recall her exact words but it was clear that she was going to leave them there, stuck to the track, if they didn’t agree to her ‘rehabilitation’ (which I doubt will be any good for anyone, anyone remember the old brainwashing trick?).

    So she was going to leave them there to die of starvation/dehydration or exposure and then there’s the one she herself spoke off; ‘the next train comes around’.
    She was going to let them get hit by a freaking train in cold blood. I know they were bandits but that doesn’t mean their people and deserve an instant death sentence.

    The fact that she does immediately sentences them to death (or at least uses the threat of it to convince them) really speaks of ‘Untermensch’ thinking.

  2. I sse not many people have commented here yet. I guess it was becuse of the channelawesome jump happened after this vlog. Really loved this start. Love of everything evolved. Sure to bad we never get to see what the spirits thinks about the people. No one is trying to make them into pets? No stupid papper works or even making spirits work? Oh well. But the direction for the air benders. So great. Perfect evolution for them.

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