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Yep, we can’t sleep unless we know what happened to Kronk. Thank God for this sequel! Doug takes a look at Kronk’s New Groove.

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  1. I never saw this movie but I don’t know why since I loved the first movie. All I remember is hating the show that came out later.

  2. Isn’t life deliciously ironic? When he reviewed the first movie he said he wished the movie was just about Yzma and Kronk. He got his wish (For the most part) with Kronk’s New Groove but it turns out that it’s not what he wanted after all lol.

    This movie isn’t really considered to be one of the worst and isn’t even universally hated. It more had mixed reactions and I see it more as just average. Not bad but nothing great either. It has its entertaining moments as well as it’s dumb moments. It’s better than Lion King 1 1/2 but that’s not saying much. Plus it is nice to see Disney FOR ONCE have a good looking guy (Kronk) end up with an unattractive woman (Miss Birdwell). That’s coming from a straight guy! I’m surprised I haven’t seen any women saying that as a good thing about this film. But yeah, this movie isn’t NEARLY as good as the FAR superior movie and TV show (Which are fantastic).

    • Maybe because women didn’t look at her and immediately think she’s “unattractive”? For that matter, it’s possible they didn’t look at Kronk and think “attractive” either. Women’s taste in men ranges all over, and very few actually prefer a super-built look.

  3. I’ve never heard of people hating this.

  4. So now Yzma, voiced by Eartha Kitt, is virtualy a catwoman… Purrrfect.

  5. I’ve never heard of people hating this. I like it.

  6. I’ve seen The Emperor’s New Groove before. Should I skip this one if it’s that bad?

  7. I didn’t hear many bad things about this movie. Other sequels seem worse. I liked the original. Patrick Warburton IS pretty funny. It’s not enough for a full movie. The animation seems okay.

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