Kung Fu Panda 3 – Sibling Rivalry

A series of films that just keeps getting better and better!

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  1. I’ve also always been a fan of these movies, the way they show Po learning about whatever it may be (about kung fu, where he came from, who his parents are etc…) is so well done
    The sad thing is that most people around me in real life don’t like them; it’s nice to see that you guys love them
    On a side note, Doug was talking about how well this movie balances comedy and philosophy, now I REALLY wanna see your reactions to Adventure time, not only does it do it, it does it A LOT in the episodes you didnt watch (fingers crossed for when you’re less busy)

  2. Zootopia’s Sloth trailer was brilliantly funny, IMHO.

    • Agree. Very surprised to hear the bros. Walker bash it. I get a trailer getting old or annoying after over exposure, but to say it was never funny at all? Just because you can see where a joke is going doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad one, if it’s executed perfectly. I loved it.

    • I did like the trailer(s) too, not sure why they hated it that much ?

  3. Maybe there should be a NC review of Norm of the North. That would be fantastic.

  4. Second movie better than the first? Hell no, I can’t see how it could be considered even close. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible, but I think it had worse action, worse plot, worse everything really.

  5. Are you not aware that using exclamation poitns like that make you come off as sarcastic? Even Doug’s thing at the beginning seemed sarcastic.

  6. Glad they enjoyed the movie.

    Interestingly, the movie was supposed to come out in March. but didn’t want to fight with Batman v Superman. Then it was moved to December 23rd, but they didn’t want to compete with Star Wars. And I don’t really blame them for making that decision.

  7. I think #2 remains my favorite of the trio. Just so much tension and such a great villain. And that climax of po standing in the water doing the dewdrop trick with the cannonballs was just incredible. Although to be fair the margin between all three is so small. They are such fun and engaging movies. By far Dreamworks best work of all.

    This one felt a little too fast to me. Like too many things were left a little undeveloped. I would have liked to see a bit more with Po becoming the teacher. Maybe some deeper development of him training the Panda’s. Which would have also given the Panda village a bit more fleshing out. They felt a little shallow. Like we didn’t know enough about the individual villagers beyond “ugly guy, Huggy guy, ribbon chick, kids”

    And yes definitely James Hong elevates anything he touches. He is a true treasure.

  8. I’m pretty sure they put out the movie at this “deadzone” cause of Lunar/Chinese New Year.

  9. Yeah, this is a series of movies that is way better than it has any right to be. A film about a fat panda learning Kung Fu in and of itself sounds like a stupid idea, and so does the idea of a Kung Fu movie starring Jack Black, and yet it works here. As someone who became a Brony after musing that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is way better than it has any right to be, I suppose I shouldn’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover anyways, but Kung Fu Panda is a movie series that I have to agree consistently outdoes itself. After seeing the third movie, I can now safely say that I’m a fan of these films.

    If there’s one nitpick I have with this series so far, it’s that the Furious Five could be fleshed out further, as could Master Shifu. Yes, even Tigris who gets more screen time than the others could do with some development, but the others even more so. This is one case where I think a children’s TV show based on the series would be a good idea, as that could be a good place to further explore the side cast given that the movies do, and probably should continue to, focus primarily on Po and his story arc. Normally I wouldn’t give something like that a second thought, but if a show doesn’t exist, one should be made IMHO, especially if it has the same writing quality.

    • A show was made, and it wasn’t very good to be frank with you. A lot of the characters are regressed to some odd place between the middle of the first movie and the end of it as to terms of character development, but they all seem to hate Po and they all feel Flanderized. It takes place somewhere after the first film but I would assume before the second. It isn’t awful, but has very few good qualities

      • There are episodes such as the hour-long “Enter the Dragon” special that indicate the show lasts past Kung Fu Panda 2, like when the villagers mention how Po defeated Lord Shen. But if you want to consider the show non-canon, take comfort in knowing that Kung Fu Panda 3 does contradict parts of the special.

  10. I agree with you guys almost completely except that I am fine with the endings of the first two films and I really loved the villain of this one (Though you are right that Gary Oldman was better)

    Also I’m glad I’m not the only one that really appreciates the use of Eastern religions in these film, though Rob has talked about that stuff in other things like Avatar. x3

  11. The only thing i didn’t like about 3 is the ending didnt feel earned. He basically masters chi because the others believed in him really hard. 2 is easily my favorite with the villain, the team work, the back story were in top form in that one.

  12. I haven’t seen any of the Kung Fu Panda movies in the theaters. The first one I saw in like a middle school movie night event. I remember that some of the kids in my middle school were confused and I kept having to explain it to them (I grew up in a bad neighborhood so that may be part of it). I can’t believe the franchise has been going on for that many years! The second I saw at home. I think that it was just as good as the first. The third I’ll do the same with. Also, yeah, I agree that Kung Fu Panda trailers always suck.

  13. Actually everybody in Brooklyn liked that Sloth Zootopia trailer at my theater whwere I live.

  14. At the local UA Regal Cinema Multiplex theater everybody in the audience including sister except me laughed lol style during that trailer during when we watched Star Wars VII in December, I forced myself to laugh a little bit, but that scene with the Fox taking the Police She-Bunny to the Sloth Bank was funny to most people.

  15. I actually think 3 was the weakest of the trilogy but by no means a horrible movie. The biggest criticism I have is that it started out kinda like the first one, where he was getting mocked by people for inexperience and it just didn’t fit at all. And once again the strength to defeat the villain came a little too easy and I would have liked if they tied it in more with what he learned at the end of the second one.

    I really liked the villain in this movie. The music cues when he was approaching the mountain and swinging his jade swords so they clanged against the stones was chilling. I really wish they had done more with jade Shifu. The idea of Po having to battle his corrupted master would have been fantastic!

    Overall the movie was amazing but it did feel rushed. Like maybe the story was a bit too big for the time they had to work with.

  16. Yep, just saw it. I personally didn’t find it to be as good as the first two, but still nice. I still find the original to be the best. I really think it had the best villain. I was so eager to see how the two dads would interact. It did not disappoint!

  17. I’m not sure how to feel about this movie. It’s by all means great and yet I feel like I enjoyed it the least of the three.

    I guess my biggest issue is that it focuses on the least interesting parts despite introducing a lot of incredible ideas. The leading issue of Po finding who he is… That was movie #2. He’s learned the lesson already. Yes, when his real father comes back the issue has the right to come back, but it shouldn’t be about Po’s identity. He has learned who he is and, comfortable with that knowledge of himself, he should have just been trying to learn who the pandas are instead. Learning the traditions, the ways of his original family. Parts of that are here, but the “who is Po” dilemma should have been left for his fathers exclusively.

    Po’s story should’ve been strictly about becoming a teacher. Again, part of it is here, but I feel it would’ve done the movie a lot of good if he was trying to learn about the pandas and not himself. That way he could steadily become their teacher – like the first movie’s Shifu, who had to learn and accept who Po was in order to find a way to teach him. And Po had every reason to want to learn about the pandas anyway. The villain’s defeat by the hands of friends-powered Po would make even more sense that way, because it would have been truly earned by Po himself – he taught them well, he’s become a great teacher.

    And there’s so many unexplored great opportunities here. Po’s friends are turned into “jade zombies” and he has no choice but to fight them, including his master Shifu. Yet the conflict over them being forced to battle each other is pretty much not there. Not only that, it could have been turned into something beneficial for the “becoming the teacher by learning about others” story. Po knows these guys, knows how they act, what they can and can’t do, their strengths and weaknesses – that’s why he is able to fight against their brainwashed selves and how he figures out that is the key to teaching. Knowing about others, learning about them. Boom, intense AND tied to his character arc.

    Another way of doing it would have been to make Po realize his friends are more than fighting techniques and energy, but they all have their personalities and virtues and flaws and quirks – and then he could have used those to break them from the villain’s control. Again, the theme of befriending people winning over the villain just abusing them.

    Oogway being back excited me and I hoped for more of him. Yes, I know he’s not mainly a fighter, despite being probably the most capable character in this regard, he’s a mentor, a teacher, the wise one. Still, how about him temporarily paralyzing the villain with his chi, despite having been reduced to a pendant on his neck, just in the right moment for Po to deliver the final blow? In fact, we do not see the villain use zombie-Oogway even once in the movie. If they made it clear he is actually afraid to do so, afraid to give Oogway even this little freedom (a physical form), scared his chi could break from his control – it would make for a great message of who the powerful one really is.

    Why am I rewriting this movie? I liked so much about it, but I can’t help but feel it missed out on a lot and focused on the wrong elements.

  18. LittleWitchHilde

    oh my god
    oh my god
    OH my god
    is that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in the background???????
    *heart eyes*

  19. I definitely think 2 was the best, but 3 was pretty good. 3 really underused the other characters. I would really like to see more with the furious 5. I really like monkey, crane, mantis, and viper. I do not like tigress and I don’t care for all the new side characters we’re giving more importance to.

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