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The game was a ground breaker, but is the movie a good representation, or like every other video game movie? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

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  1. The one and only time I saw this was when it was still in theatres. I barely remember anything besides her fighting the stone statue. Not a bad movie, but just kind of bland and forgettable. I think it lacked the grittier edge of the Indy movies.

    Btw, the nostalgia critic’s Lara croft fever dream was all kinds of disturbing, nice job!

  2. I liked this film despite being a Tomb Raider fan since the second game!

    (Runs away and hides in a bunker waiting for the shitstorm to die out)

  3. I saw this movie. It was nothing too good or bad. It did kind of look like the games. Well, they don’t have much plot. No joke about how Angelina Jolie wore padding? That was easily the most distracting part of the movie.

  4. Good old Tamara. can you review Superstar?

  5. that dream sequence, though.

  6. Can you please do a review of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete?

  7. I liked Prince of Persia

  8. Still waiting on the Tetris movie

  9. “Video game movies suck” I guess that means Assassins Creed was a failure

  10. 11:14 please don’t forget how to do those voices

  11. You are the only one I’ve ever heard to call her “Laira” rather than “Lara”.

  12. I enjoyed the review as always, but..

    Lah rah.
    NOT Lair-uh.

    Sorry, that was really bugging me.

  13. There were plenty of sexier women them Lara
    This movie is ok and she is fine as Lara
    The action is cool
    She was teleported to her father cause she wanted to see her dad

  14. NostalgiaCriticWannabe

    At the 17:34 mark it should be noted that Lara is walking backwards while firing both her pistols with each hand, while on a wooden ladder bridge. How does she know where to step? Where is she stepping to begin with? How does she not fall through? Incredible.

  15. Pretty good analysis of this movie.

    – It’s probably the best video game movie out there alongside the first Mortal Kombat film…both fit the source material and are a lot of dumb fun.

    – I always thought it was funny how Jolie and Craig swap accents, glad you pointed that out.

    – Yes, the third act is where this movie falls apart and gets dumb and confusing. The big action set pieces really don’t ever top the second act in Cambodia and feel tacked on and the supernatural insanity gets cranked up to 11.

  16. The first time my mom bought this I didn’t even know it was based on a video game when I was thirteen.

  17. Really I had know idea this little sexy badass action heroine film and it’s sequel The Cradle of Life was based on an action-adventure video game series, took me nearly five years to discover that it was and I’m not embarrassed to say that much.

  18. Come on, really?
    That decaf coffee thing… that was the whole joke. I’m sure he KNOWS decaf coffee doesn’t help wake you up. It was pointing out that he liked it that way despite needing to be less tired, thus pointing out that he was a little weird for it. The rest of the movie is goofy and ridiculous, but I thought that joke was fairly friggin’ obvious.

    And it’s pronounced LAH-ra, not LAIR-a.

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