Last Airbender Vlogs: The Ember Island Players

Shakespeare this ain’t. Sokka discovers that the Ember Island Players, a Fire Nation theater group, is debuting a play based upon their adventures.

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  1. You know the build up for the firelord in the play I think was building up to the finale of the show which I didn’t get until I saw the finale.

  2. Sure, maybe it would have been funnier if Toph were offended. But it wouldn’t have been Toph.

  3. Katara. Has. The. Right. To. Be. Confused. She. Owes. No. Explanation.

  4. (and, in an ironic turn of events, he puts it in the Top 11 Best Avatar Episodes list co-starring Dante Basco)

  5. I personally liked Toph’s reaction and I remember my friends back then liking it too.

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