Last Airbender Vlogs: The Great Divide

It divided alright, between common and sense. The next destination the gang stumbles into is the Great Divide, the world’s largest canyon.

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  1. Hey Doug, long time watching, first time commenting. I’d have chimed in sooner, but law school and fatherhood get in the way.

    Honestly, I thought it was a relief that Aang was lying about the ball game. I mean, ever since we discovered that Bumi was still alive in Omashu after 100 years, I thought that if Aang’s Redemption story was true, it would be a little too Deus Ex Machina. I mean, is every problem going to be solved by the fact that Aang knows something from a hundred years back? Also, that was pretty clever being able to hear both sides of the story and concoct a plausible middle-ground version.

    Also, when prejudice is based on mutual stupidity (I can’t think of any real-life examples) perhaps lying is the only way to fix it. I thought Aang’s lighthearted attitude to his lie spoke more to the foolishness of both the feuding sides than his lack of remorse. By the end of the episode, I was soooooo sick of that feud, I laughed to see that a lie brought it to an end.

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