Last Airbender Vlogs: The Siege of the North

The last episodes of the first season! As the Fire Nation’s forces close in on the Northern Water Tribe, the leaders and citizens scramble to find a way to defend against the armada.

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  1. For the moon and the water tribe:

    The moon controls the tides. The stronger and larger the moon: (I.E.: Closer it is to the planet and full vs new) the larger/smaller the tides are. Even the smallest change can make the tides have a huge impact. Water goes by the moon and the tides, so it’s sensible the Fire Nation worry about the full moon because it’s when the water is the strongest, making it the strongest for the Water Nation. The spirit’s were there to keep the balance between the two: Water and moon so it didn’t get too powerful if the moon came too close, the tides would get too strong, without the moon, the water wouldn’t have an effect at all.

    This was an awesome episode for me, showing the strength and growth of the characters while showing the emotion and loss at the same time. Aang still caring for Zuko, and the ending was amazing. I still have to get the next season, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. Also, the Fire Nation can’t firebend during the solar eclipse and the Water Nation can’t waterbend during the lunar eclipse. As with everything, Season 2 explains all the apparent plot holes.

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