Last Airbender Vlogs: The Storm

Exposition, exposition. The group is in need of money, so Sokka decides to help out a fisherman who is willing to pay him to help him on his next fishing trip, even though a storm seems imminent.

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode, for me it was a turning point. I was sitting there thinking: When will I really get into this? This episode did it for me. I love that the last words the master said even though Aang wasn’t there was: “I’ll make sure you won’t leave.” It just struck a chord with me, ad I cried thinking that he was going to try to help Aang, but he never knew that.

    I love how you mentioned the pressure, I mean… Aang was just a kid, even the reactions the other kids had towards him were something I could see happening. He just wanted to be a kid, and well… The only master who gave it to him they got pissed at. Zuko’s story is fantastic, also… The Fire Lord literally freaked me out, being honest.

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