Lay’s Passport to Flavor – Brad Tries

Brad tries out the new flavors of Lay’s chips, including Chinese Szechuan Chicken, Indian Tikka Masala, Brazilian Picanha and Greek Tzatziki.

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  1. Tikka Masala is basically what we call “curry” in the US. The dish it’s based on is actually a British concoction, the result of people trying to duplicate the flavor of Indian cuisine. And my opinion: it’s a pretty close approximation of the actual dish. Anyone who likes Indian or any Middle-Eastern food will like it.

    The Szechuan flavor: I could detect ginger, soy sauce, green onion, a touch of sweetness, and some spicy heat. It was pretty good, but not something I’d really want from a potato chip.

    I tried the Brazilian one: I could taste the beefiness, but not much else.

  2. OOH! Tzatziki chips?! O.O I MUST FIND THAT! Screw the other ones.

  3. The Szechuan chicken was my personal favorite.

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