Legend Of The Dinosaurs – Brandon Tenold

I review the Japanese monster movie “Legend of the Dinosaurs” (1977), AKA “Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds”, the only dinosaur movie to feature a funky disco soundtrack!

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  1. Not only were Plesiosaurs not dinosaurs but Pterodactyls weren’t birds, so “Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds” had no dinosaurs and no birds.

    • Well.. there are some real birds in background and they are only dinosaurs in that movie. But seriously.. both Pterodactyls and Plesiosaurs aren’t dinosaurs. Who made that movie?

  2. My dad took me to see “Baby: The Last Dinosaur”(shit, almost thirty years ago?) Besides the crappy special effects, all I remember is the airplane scene when the main character asks the the African pilot how he resolves a dispute with his wife and he says, “I hit the bitch”.

    You know, a family picture.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Legend of Dinosaur and the monster bird should be translated to legend of the rubbery cartoon dinosaur and the fake flying bird that can flap its wings!!! Good review though and that burn baby burn bit cracked me up!!!

  4. The Japanese defense force can’t handle the funk.

  5. Yeah, this movie is pretty bad. However, I find some of the scenes on that misty forest lake to be effectively atmospheric and creepy (inappropriate music notwithstanding). Maybe that’s just because I have a phobia of swimming in murky lake water. I always have this irrational fear that some hitherto unknown prehistoric creature is gonna pull me down to a watery grave.

  6. That soundtrack is so awesome! It’s so out of place with this movie, but so was that paleontologist guy, who acted more like a hard-boiled detective from the film noir genre :/ Dinosploitation!

  7. I wish I could say that this is my first time experiencing random funk music in a Japanese movie that’s supposed to be scary, but unfortunately, it isn’t. That honor would go to the 1977 film House (or Hausu). I’m not even kidding, in the middle of this ghost story movie, there is a random American disco break. Although, I will give it credit that it only happened once (at least in a place where it just make any goddamn sense). Come to think of it, the special effects in that movie were just as good as the ones in this film 😛

  8. No new episode? Why is an old episode (from AUGUST 2014) being spotlighted now? Doesn’t make any sense. Getting my hopes up like this… Just cruel…

    • He seems to be focusing more on getting his videos to YouTube first and then to here . . . whenever. Without following him on YouTube I’m taking a guess that he’s just slowing down on producing videos. While some producers can manage something one or more times a week Brandon seems to only release one or two a month. Again, without knowing I’ll just assume there’s things going on in his personal life that could be affecting his producing so releases like this should be expected in the future here at Channel Awesome.

      • The reason I haven’t posted any ‘new’ videos on here for a while is because I was on tour for 6 weeks with my band. I actually allude to it in my newest video, which, if you subscribed to me on YouTube, you could’ve seen already. 😉

        • Ahh, okay. Thanks for the update. It’s so nice to see producers actually read these comment from time to time.
          I had totally forgotten you had a band. I also don’t watch that many videos on YouTube these days since I started playing Armored Warfare. I do hope the tour was pleasant and prosperous.
          Glad to have you back. 🙂

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