Leroy & Stitch – Disneycember

The final Lilo and Stitch adventure. Does it end on a high note? Doug takes a look at Leroy & Stitch.

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  1. I loved the show growing up, so I have an attachment to this movie, despite its flaws

    • Man, it’s comments like this that make me feel so old. I was well into university by the time the show premiered. 😀

      • The Real Silverstar

        Same here. I was already an adult when all of these sequels came out, but half of the comments for these are filled with sentences like, “This movie was my childhood” or “I grew up watching this”. It’s like whenever I read a comment like, “I’ve never seen The Real Ghostbusters” or “I’ve never heard of Batman: The Animated Series” or “I haven’t heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000”; thanks, that’s just what I needed: a reminder that I’m freaking ancient.

  2. As a kid, I thought this would be crap and I really liked the show in fact. But little girl me was wrong. This sounds kinda awesome. O.O


  4. So a fluff film relying solely on its award winning visual effects is better than the sequel that actually had a story and memorable characters? Yeah no, 2010 was definitely the superior fillm.

  5. Personally, I love all of the episodes of the series and like all of the movies, though the ”Stitch!” movie was kinda ‘awkward’ with its ”Let’s not tell ANYONE what’s going on” thing.

  6. I actually remember the show better than the movie

  7. “VIEL! That’s HämsterVIEL, you incompetent oh-so-talkative monkey-thing vith glasses!”
    –Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel

  8. Now we’re getting more of a “Pokemon” vibe. The animation looks quite nice. I never watched these sequels or the show. I do know they had a crossover with “Kim Possible” once. Boy, was that an awesome show. The Disney logo looks sad here.

  9. The TV show this movie was based on was Disney’s answer to Pokemon like Gargoyles was their answer to Batman: TAS.

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