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The Cinema Snob watches Kevin Sorbo’s Jesus Bro But For Realz movie.

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  1. Finally, a Snob review on Let There Be Light (aka the spoof version of Jesus, Bro). Poor Kevin Sorbo, having to star in crap like this after Hercules: The Legendary Journeys ended. At least Lucy Lawless still has good work after she played Xena: Warrior Princess, from Battlestar Galactica to Ash and the Evil Dead.

    1:45- Yeah, I hate both Sean Hannity and Fox News, and I never want to show this crap to my family, unless if we want to make fun of shitty christian movies.

    5:15- Is this why they never made a Wayne’s World 3? Because if so, I can see why.

    8:14- Or he’s about to do another cameo as Principal Flowers.

    9:13- “Do You Believe the Identical is Too Old Fashioned to Prove God’s Not Dead.”

    13:38- But still produced by Sean Hannity.

    19:38- Of course this movie references Chick Fil-A, those anti-gay bastards.

    24:27- This is the worst celebrity appearance I’ve seen in a movie since Trump in Ghost Can’t Do It, Home Alone 2, The Lettle Rascals, Zoolander, and so on. Fuckin’ ego-boners.

    26:19- March For Our Lives, this sure as fuck is not.

    God, I really need to see “Jesus, Bro” in some point of my life before it ends.

    • “Finally, a Snob review on Let There Be Light (aka the spoof version of Jesus, Bro)”
      Considering that it come out after Jesus, Bro! it may not even be a joke ;D

  2. Are they making fun of Atheists for having books? Because I’ve never read an article by an Atheist where they blatantly try to sell books after or in the middle of debates. I’ve seen Creationists do the text equivalent of what Sorbo did right there, though. Jason Lisle practically quotes the first few chapters of his book in almost every video and article I’ve seen of his. And it’s not a good book either.

    • Well, it is primarily because it is hard to logically argument own lack of believe in Invincible Pink Unicorn as it is simply most logical thing by default, so all attempts to do that would end as boring list of banal. Even most famous anti-theist book The God Delusion is in fact a scientific study of tendency of people to create idea of father figure watching them, and explanation why that happen with some needles attempt to use that as theological argument, what in fact don’t meet standard of scientific method. As such there are simply not many “atheist books” but Evangelist nuts are usually so dumb that they can’t even debate them on rational level so they counter it with own propaganda.

  3. I know how long production times and editing can take, so I don’t think Sorbo’s movie is a ripoff of Brad’s movie. It’s really more of a ripoff of every other cheesy Christian movie. Still it’s a crazy coincidence these came out so close to one another.
    Brad also pointed out something I never really noticed with their portrayal of atheists: how they’re all former Christians who stopped believing. And not the kind of stopped believing where it’s a kid who starts thinking for themself and decides “yeah…this isn’t for me.” No it’s always an adult who’s only been an atheist for a few years. It’s like they either can’t understand why someone wouldn’t believe or don’t want to understand.

    • That is totally the case here. Christian nuts simply can’t imagine that someone could simply not believe, and presume that atheist only deny own believe due to personal trauma. That is obwieliby totally false, but if most of them still claim that “Lucifer is the devil, a Satan who is enemy of God” when anyone who has at least basic theological education would know that Lucifer is fictional figure from Paradise Lost, and Satan in bible work for God as prosecution of fallen (humanity). So why you expect them to be something else then brainwashed morons?

      PS: TV series Young Pope made great commentary about subject of believe, by pointing out that concept of “believe” is based on presumption that something is not real. And so real believers in fact don’t believe in something, they simply know it do exist. So all those people whining about “need for believe”, in fact are total hypocrites.

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