Lifeforce (Part 1) – Brandon Tenold

It’s part 1 of my 100th episode with the 1985 sci-fi vampire epic “Lifeforce”! Special appearances by Chris Cuypers (Gojifan1993), Cecil Trachenburg (GoodBadFlicks) & wrestler Simon Gotch!

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  1. I freaking love that movie

  2. I have been waiting for this review, since you first mentioned liking this movie. I saw that one night and was amazed.

  3. I want that Attack on Titan fight night poster

  4. Snorgatch Pandalume

    You didn’t mention the incredibly stilted dialogue and laughably wooden acting. Those might have something to do with why this movie is considered a turkey, along with the nonsensical plot and glacial pacing. The only decent actor in it is Patrick Stewart, although Matilda May doesn’t really need to do any acting, because boobs. It is pretty to look at, though. I will give it that.

    • Neh, “stilted dialogue and laughably wooden acting” is usual for Science Fiction movies as they usually are more focused on plot and visuals, not mentioning having smaller target audience. Problem of that movie is clearly that it is high-budget expletive cinema, what pull out most people really interested in SF alongside with the nonsensical plot execution. Shame is that it could be really good movie as promise (just make less obvious that it is about space vampires.. and it would work better if one of crew members would be infected then hilarious “humans in space” not mentioning that sucking biological fluids would be way creepier in good way then hilarious paranormal shit) and effects are decent.. only if director would know what he doing, what he clearly didn’t (or we should blame producers?).

      • I found that “energy vampire” thing to be a refreshing twist on the old trope and even scarier in contex, because in the end the vampires are so numerous, they drain energy just by being in the same neighbourhood as the humans (that reminded me a lot about the Great Vampires from Doctor Who lore).

        And the director did a great job, every scene is shot beautifully. The script could use some work (or maybe there are scenes missing, because the movie would have been too long?), as Fallada delivers a shitload of exposition, without the movie explaining where he got his information.

  5. I love this movie. Looking forward to part 2!

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