Lifeforce (Part 2) – Brandon Tenold

It’s the finale of my 100th episode with “Lifeforce”! Guest appearances by Linkara & Josh Hadley.

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  1. Actually, if I remember correctly, I think David Bowie WAS a space bampire in something or another. Check with Maven, she can tell you.

    13:08 onward – You know what this movie needs at this point? A guy in a red trenchcoat with some huge pistols and a Police Girl with a Harkonen Cannon.

  2. I’ve totally seen this movie, yet I had somehow completely forgotten about it until watching this review. I think I was on a date at the time, so I must’ve been distracted.

    Anyway, yeah, the practical effects are amazing. You know if it was made today those vampire/mummy/zombies would’ve been done in entirely cgi and they wouldn’t be nearly as freaky.

  3. I actually didn’t see Part 1 but I came for the guest appearance because I could. Also, I’ve never heard of this movie so that made it interesting.

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