Logan – Sibling Rivalry

Doug and Rob are at it again as Doug tries to convince Rob that Logan is worth seeing. Will he succeed?

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  1. As far as how to go forward with the X-Men, my suggestion would be eXiles. It would certainly simplify any questions regarding continuity.

  2. I think Doug focused so much on trying to find problems that he missed a lot of the important subtle points in the movie. And Rob clearly just wants the movie to be bad.

    I don’t see how the violence or swearing were overdone. They did it with Xavier to show how far he’s fallen. Xavier was always this cultured sophisticated gentleman in the other movies but here he’s a decrepit old man who’s lost everything he ever cared about, and the swearing really emphasizes the tragedy of what happened to him.

    As for the violence, I thought it was very well done. They weren’t trying to make it fun or exciting. It was portrayed as disturbing and horrific at times. The main theme of the movie is about the consequences of violence and the toll that takes on people.

    There’s also a ton of stuff that Doug really shouldn’t have missed.

    It’s implied that Xavier killed the X-Men when he had a seizure. They allude to it several times.

    The Wolverine clone is supposed to be a representation of Logan’s bestial side and violent past.

    Eden was a place in the comics so it wasn’t real. But because the mutant kids had read the comics, they decided to use the coordinates as a meeting place where they would come together before escaping to Canada, so they basically created “Eden” in the real world.

    The “scientist guy” was the one who put gene therapy in the food that suppressed the mutant gene and prevented mutants from being born.

    And Logan tells Laura, “don’t become what they made you.”

  3. I’ll be honest: X-Men Origins Wolverine isn’t a good movie but it’s a little fun. I’ve never hated an X-Men movie. However, I can’t take too much gore so this will be a skip for me. I must admit that I am started to get just a little tired of X-Men movies. On another topic, I like all of the Tobey Spiderman movies.

    • AmbrosiusAurelianus

      That’s fair. I dislike gore and profanity, though I put up with it for “Logan.” It’s very different from any other X-men movie. Also, I like Maguire’s Spider-Man movies too, even parts of 3.

  4. Enrique Cardona

    Logan’s death really convince me that Hugh Jackman made his last wolverine movie.

  5. Sometimes I noticed Doug to miss a lot of stuff on his cartoon vlogs, first I thought he didn’t pay attention since he doesn’t actually take animation seriously, but just acts like it to pander to his audience.
    After seeing this I wonder if he just actually has as low an attention span as Brad only claims to have.
    I mean missing 1/4th of the movie, seriously now maybe he should go to the doctor it could be an actual problem.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Or it could just be that Doug isn’t an avid comic book reader (which he’s openly admitted) and as such simply wouldn’t have caught all of the comic book references and allusions. I don’t know where you got the idea that Doug doesn’t take animation seriously when a third of the films he reviews are animated and he’s often stated how big a fan he is of Disney and Miyamoto.

      Seriously, how long are your arms? Because that’s quite a reach you’re attempting there.

      • Has nothing to do with comic references, he just missed and got wrong a lot; just stuff in the movie, stuff that has nothing to do with the comics.

        • The Real Silverstar

          It’s an unscripted vlog of a movie that he saw exactly *one time*. Give the guy a break. He missed a detail or 2, so what? Do you want him to lay out every single solitary scene and plot point so folks won’t have to go see the movie? He relayed the general gist of the film, and Doug and Rob’s goofing on one another and their improvisation was still entertaining.

          But at least you’re not spouting nonsense like dude 2 comments up. “Doug doesn’t care about animation”, “Doug needs to see a doctor because he missed a few details about a flipping coming book movie”. Seriously, does it get windy up there on your high horse?

          • It’s just most of the complains he makes about the plot are things that the movie perfectly explains. If not all.

          • I was talking about mayjor plot points that were perfectly obvious, not hidden easter eggs.
            Only seeing the movie once is really not a reason to miss several major plot points.

            And yes, the only reason to miss major plot points not hidden at all is not paying attention.
            Not paying attention can only be explained by leak of care, leak of attention span or a leak of capasity of attention, the latter two of which just happen to be a medical problems.
            It’s really not me reaching to say he didn’t care or has health problems. They are in fact the only possible explanations.

            I didn’t mean to say he necessarily has to visit the doctor even if the reason was actual problems with his capability to pay attention of course. If he always or for a long time had problems with that, there is just no reason too. But if it was a recent development, than yes it would be something he should take a look at, since problems with the mind are non one should ignore.

  6. AmbrosiusAurelianus

    This was fun, but next we should hear Rob’s thoughts after he actually sees the movie. Because to be honest, the movie was quite a bit better than Doug made it sound, but it’s a movie worth taking seriously. It’s a character study with action trappings; it’s Wolverine as gritty Johnny Cash, with claws instead of a guitar (alternately, as a jerk-y, brutal Shane with claws instead of a gun). It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty effective, and even the things in the movie that might not have been given the perfectly ideal execution were still done pretty darn well for what they were. So yeah, after Rob having his expectations set in this video, it’d be cool to hear his serious thoughts after seeing the movie.

    EDIT: I haven’t seen any X-Men movie since X3, and I followed this movie just fine. For me, it’s best to view this as mostly its own continuity. Anything you need to know about Logan is told to you in the movie, except perhaps the reason for Logan’s slower healing abilities. And anything you don’t like about the previous movies you can rationalize as being part of the in-universe comics rather than the “real” version. 🙂

  7. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I agree it’s a good but not great movie. I do agree it will be hard for them to make more X-Men movies. Also I really liked X-Men Apocalypse. But yeah. I really didn’t care for how they did some of the things in the original X-Men movies. I agree with Doug and Rob about Rogue. It was so dumb for them to do her in that way. She really was more like Jubilee with Rogue’s powers.

    If they ever do X-Men movies again they need to do some of the stuff they haven’t done. Like have the real Phoenix saga with the Star Jammers and the Shiar. That would really make Fox compete with Marvel.

    They should have the Savage Land with Ka-Zar in an X-Men movie. Focus on Cyclops and some of the other X-Men characters that weren’t explored as much in the older films. One can only hope but I feel like only Marvel would ever do those things in a movie.

  8. Like, really. Already commented it on youtube, but, Doug missed a lot of things that are explained in the movie, and also completly exacerbates the tone of some scenes.

  9. You two bros always have way too much fun in your job description.

  10. I would have some kind of moral intervention with this movie, but it probably will be pointless and fruitless anyway in overly Modern Liberal North American society, 66% rating from me.

  11. I personally thought they did fine with little X-23. I mean in the first place, WHY exactly does she need to constantly be communicating? She primarily speaks Spanish (and even after all this time, Logan doesn’t understand it), and even then it becomes pretty clear to her Wolverine just didn’t want to be involved with her. Charles was fine with being sort of an intermediary, but after he died, she probably felt Logan would fall apart without some sort of interaction. He kinda did anyway, but that doesn’t matter. Being just totally mute through the whole movie could have worked, but that’s a bit weighty an expectation to put on an actress that young, no? Yeah, the script and screenplay could have used a little extra revisions, but everything that girl did was spectacular. Being able to see that level of energy and performance from a child actor is pretty much unheard of.

  12. I freaking loved this movie. Everyone has their own opinions, whether your a regular guy or a critic. It’s just that, opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxf5ZBAS1qc

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