Love the Coopers and Bridge of Spies – Midnight Screenings

Team Snob sees the new holiday film Love the Coopers, plus the Spielberg film Bridge of Spies.

Damn, B, this Christmas is cold.

Brad and Irving check out the new Spielberg film, Bridge of Spies.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    First comment gee wiz few for a second I thought someone would comment before me but glad to see I’m first. Anyways I hadn’t seen or heard about love the coopers until I went on box office mojo looked up the release schedule and saw it and to be fare I didn’t know what it was about and once I saw the poster with the dog on it it looked like a movie I would skip and now that you guys describe it I gotta sit thourgh this movie just to appreciate the talking dog and a random dance number,dry humping this has got to be a crazy Christmas comedy.

    As for bridge of spies, I thought it was just all dreary and all talkative cause I saw a tidbit f Chris Stuckmanns review and he said it was an all talkative and serious movies but now that it has it’s comedy moments(and it’s written by the coen brothers) maybe I’ll give it a shot when it comes to redbox(and I can make up my own subtitles for the French people for the movie like brad and the snob does).

  2. I have not seen a review for Love the Coopers. This review may me laugh. 😀 In other news, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will either be really really good or really really bad. The original came out in 2002. I remember being in elementary school. LOL. I’m excited for Alice in Wonderland 2. And yes, I loved the Futterwacken.

    I have not seen a review for Bridge of Spies. Also, you thought that Captain Phillips was boring? I mean, I’ve never seen the movie but it did not look bad to me.

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