Mad Max Fury Road Props – Awesome Build

Yeah it’s an older review, but we’ve never released this so bam here it is. See what went into making the Mad Max Fury Road review props!

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  1. Обожаю все ваши видео, просто удивляюсь как вы уже столько лет остаетесь интересными и захватывающими) Желаю удачи вам) (Я зритель из Украины)
    I like all your videos, just wondering how you have so many years to be interesting and exciting) good luck to you) (I’m a spectator from Ukraine)

  2. I love that you keep these short yet awesome.

  3. I believe this had the most props. I thought you’d show us one of the cars. I still love this video. It’s great to see that shotgun being made. Are any of you guys trigger happy? That seems too authentic.

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