Making of Nostalgia Critic: Matrix Revolutions

How many times did Doug do that laugh?

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  1. Doug’s face from that laugh has now been forever etched into my soul.

  2. I have so much fun watching these. I had never even HEARD of the Big Lebowski before I started watching Nostalgia Critic videos. I laughed so hard that I started to choke on my lunch. Also, RoboGirl should be a new character in the Nostalgia Critic videos.

  3. “Fight Bear”? You guys are pitching Demo Reel ideas!

    I so wish Doug could do both. I still think the bad reception was due more to the loss of NC than anything.

  4. Malcom was right. Trypophobia is an actual ailment and he was pronouncing it wrong. It’s not Tripo Phobia but Try-Po-Phobia. The pathological fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes, such as beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads.

    • Yeah, my best friend cannot look at honeycomb without experiencing serious anxiety. Some people think they have trypophobia because they’re grossed out by this recent glut of horrific images people have made in Photoshop featuring lotus seed pods embedded in people’s skin or eyes, and experiencing anxiety from that isn’t exactly trypophobia because the images are created to be upsetting. Trypophobia is just what Hurlbut said: pathological fear of holes/clusters of holes. Even if they aren’t Photoshopped onto a person’s body for maximum squick.

    • So I’ve been a lurker here for years and rarely login in. But I had to say that FINALLY there’s a name for it and I’m not alone! I thought it was just me who got anxiety from it… even the word alone porous makes me cringe. To describe an anxiety from it, if I see something like what was described in a movie, I get irritatingly grossed out and mad that they don’t find that repulsive. Some things I can’t get out of my had and I’ll gag just thinking of it. There have been some photoshopped stuff of “holes” on bugs and skin that honestly took all I had not to vomit and get mad. Typing it is making me uncomfortable..

      Now I know there’s a term for it. Also watching Doug getting the bullet hole painted on kinda made me cringe before Malcom said anything. lol. So, thanks Malcom for making me feel less odd… ha

    • He was pronouncing it correctly. Trypophobia is made from the greek words “trypa” and “phobia” (τρύπα and φοβία) meaning hole and phobia, pronounced “tree-pah” and “fo-vee-ah”

    • So the correct pronounciation should be “tree-poh-fo-bee-ah” (sorry for the double comment, I thought you could edit your comments)

  5. I don’t have trypophobia, but I know several people who do, and…nothing in the trypophobia-discussing scene was insulting.

    I love these “making of” videos. I look forward to them almost as much as I do the reviews themselves.

  6. Nostalgiaoholic87652

    Rob repeatedly shutting the door on Doug had me rollin’

  7. Moviemantweeter1999

    Your dads right Doug you should see Selma it was a really good film and don,’t you ever make fun of it on your show(I mean it ). Rob’s audience for into the woods had no right to boo mPaddington because a few weeks after that it got sensational reviews. Guess the audience in his movie should go see it including him. But I agree with him that the trailer and most of the advertising for it was awful. Too bad this is the last episode with Tamera in leather I really do hope she puts on more leather in future episodes because that would be awesome. You also should slam the door on the critic in another episode it would be hailrious and funny to boot. Doug I don’t think a million people have trypophobia but the people in the comments will probably say that’s insensitive(and I bet there are people above me who said that). But I also am curious to learn more about this Trevor guy in this making of episodes and other making of episodes because for all I know he could be a creep you found off the street but who knows.You also should see John Wick and those other movies Malcolm mentioned. As for how many times Doug did the laugh it was 17 times(from what I counted).

  8. John wick is amazing!! Love Keanu in it!

  9. Guys, you missed a golden opportunity by not calling it “Fight Cub”

  10. Oh thank God, Rob had the same reaction to the Paddington trailer than I did — it just made me so overwhelmingly uncomfortable and disgusted, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read good reviews for it. Either the advertising for this film was drop-dead horrible, or the film chose its very worst, grossest scene in an attempt to bring in the crowds.

    Sadly the first thing I heard when I heard “Fight Bear” is “First rule about Fight Bear is that nobody talks about Fight Bear” — and I don’t think that really works. I’m not good at one-liners. *bows to the masters* XD;

    I laughed so, so hard at Rob slamming the door on Doug — I had to rewind it twice just to get all my laughter out. It reminded me of how very funny you two can be together without even bloody trying. XDDD

    I also particularly loved “And then we shall start jousting with our hats!” 😉

  11. The mlk speeches are with John from it’s his side racket 🙂

    Can we at least have I have a dream


  12. Damn I’m jealous of Jim’s beard. the Dark City outfits have to be used for something else. totally badass.

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