Making of Nostalgia Critic: Daredevil

So why wasn’t Malcolm in this episode?

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  1. Good to see Orlando here, I think for this particular role he was a better cast decision than Malcolm would have been only because of the energy Orlando brings to all his on-screen roles. He’s just a much hammier actor than Malcolm, and that’s saying something considering the Kanye impression he pulled off in the Haunted Mansion review!

  2. 0:13, Filming Nostalgia Critic: The Matrix Reloaded? XD

  3. I don’t think that Target is very expensive. Also, that scene with Target and Angst with the music made me laugh extra hard! 😀

  4. that ‘s a poor irish accent lads

  5. thatkidwiththepimples

    what’s Tamara’s vine account?

  6. Behind the scenes folkrace?!?!? I LOVE those! ^_^ missed you in the review, Malcom, but Orlando is super as Angst! Go Orlando!!! XD

  7. Folkrace = footage. Stupid Selfspelling phone…

  8. About the French labels in Canada, it’s not just Quebec. Everywhere in Canada has to have French labels in addition to English ones, but Quebec oddly does not require English labels in addition to their French ones.

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