Making of Nostalgia Critic: Demolition Man

How did this movie spark necrophilia?

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  1. Awesome video, Malcolm! By the way, your Joker in the Zorro review was amazing, I loved it! Now I want the Joker in every review!

  2. HA! Doug’s face when he walked into that zombie conversation. Tamara, I love how we have similar taste in movies. Absolutely delightful.

  3. I for some reason get Sandra Bullock mixed up with Anne Hathaway, too. They’re all just one actress

    Also, I think you may have been able to color his hair blue or green and then color corrected it to yellow.

  4. I now eagerly await the video where Rob Walker does a Rob Schneider impression.

  5. necrophillia is more then welcome when it’s brought up on conversations.

  6. How come we never get to see the filming of the Nostalgia Critic parts?

    • My guess is he shoots those alone so he doesn’t waste Malcolm and Tamara’s time. I doubt he needs them to come in for more than a day for each review.

  7. If you ever wanted to do a Doctor Who skit, that older fellow looks a lot like Colin Baker

  8. am i the only one who’s noticed that rob has like one outfit?

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