Making of Nostalgia Critic: Event Horizon

Why did the friggin’ ass scene take so long?

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  1. End of an era. Doug is changed to a digital script.

  2. Chocolate covered Strawberries the cereal… KELLOGS or GENERAL MILLS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  3. Hole-istic doctor! hahahahaha! i love a good pun! Doug dad is king of the dad jokes.

  4. I’m pudding in a teddybear!

  5. This is so far one of my favourite behind the scenes videos! Good work guys! Very hilarious!

  6. “Everyone knows…it’s Barney!”

  7. 18:03 Whoa. When a very asexual viewer thinks it looks like Doug is getting fucked in the ass, it must REALLY look like Doug is getting fucked in the ass.

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