Making of Nostalgia Critic: Haunted Mansion

Admit it, you would LOVE to see Kanye West as Goliath.

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  1. Man, I don’t know how you guys can get through these shoots sometimes! And those wings… Just saying it now, you will NEVER get a better prop-man or make-up man than Jim. He’s a genius, hands down.

  2. I don’t buy Tamara as a porn star, she’s too pretty to pull it off…

  3. Jim, those wings are AMAZING!! I think I would literally die of fangirling if I ever got to try them on!

    Glad to see a new “Making of…” video; I always look forward to them!

  4. ThePuzzlerOfRiddles

    I just love these! And I finally caught one before the masses found it, crashing the server, and rendering me sobbing helplessly into my keyboard, because I can’t get my daily fill of NC.

  5. Those wings are awesome. Tamara, look at the Camera. I love rhyming. Also, Malcolm was pretty much BORN to play Kayne. Haha! ^.^

  6. Pikachu has stripes when he evolves into Raichu.

  7. I don’t who I would cast as most characters in a gargoyles movie, but for xanatos I can’t think of someone better than Robert Downey jr, Paul Bettany as Owen Burnett and Sean Connery as Mcbeth

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