Making of Nostalgia Critic: Jupiter Ascending

The bad guys sing Hakuna Matata? Check out the making of the Nostalgia Critic review of Jupiter Ascending.

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  1. Okay, in Tamara’s defense, I don’t know the lyrics to Hakuna Matata either. Hakuna Matata, it means no worries… for the rest of your days… Philosophy… That’s all I could remember before I saw the video. I’m serious but I didn’t watch Lion King that much as a kid. But oh my God, that was great. 😀

  2. I prefer the reviews when Tamara and Malcolm actually are part of the story of the review instead of showing up once

  3. I hereby christen Black Wily Wonka “Dark Chocolate”

  4. …I love you all so much right now XD The Hakuna Matata bit just killed me!

  5. It’s exhausting just watching Erika… No wonder she’s hyper fan girl…

  6. Nice day on set – funny, full of laughter and enthusiasm. Lucky girl Erika)

  7. I went to go see the Happily Ever After review, only to find YT has taken it down! Fuckers.

  8. So apparently 875 State Street also exist in my town of Florence,Al.

  9. So who were those two people there? I can see why Erika (or is it Erica?) was a bit of inspiration for Hyper FanGirl. I’m sure those two are very nice people, but the constant laughter and awkwardness I found a bit annoying and, well…awkward. It seemed to be rubbing off on everyone in this video. I did like the Hakuna Matata bit, though. Even if Tamara goofed it up the first time.

    I enjoyed the Jupiter Ascending review, even if it felt like the movie was too recent to review. But, I know the rules for reviews have changed ever since the NC series was rebooted.

  10. You guys are fun as hell

  11. The True Story Behind Hyper Fangirl….

  12. Its a biscuit!! 😉

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