Making of Nostalgia Critic: Jurassic World

Wanna hear how the Honest Trailer guy leaves a message? Find out the answer in the Making of Jurassic World review.

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  1. This review was so great! And you all looked kickass, especially Tamara!

  2. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun making this review. Hopefully you’ll attempt another one like this despite the backlash.

  3. Mandalf The Beige


  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this review? Like, A LOT?!

    • I didn’t like it either. He mostly talked out his ass about the same bullshit he did in the Sibling Rivalry video and made no attempt to give any proper representation of the movie. And that’s not even accounting for the whole feud with the people flagging him on YouTube which made this a puppet show (beyond the stupidity that this is still in theaters and wouldn’t be available for footage anyway).

    • I was okay with this review since they recreated the stuff but yeah, it’s not as good as the actual movie. Plus, NC has made a habit of reviewing movies that people like (or sometimes movies that everyone else hates and I like, Mamma Mia).

  5. Lion of the Lord

    For the next Disneycember do the 2D animated sequels. Yeah, yeah I know that sounds like a bad idea but with so many out there perhaps they are worth reviewing. You could find ones that could be better than their original like the Rescuers down under or something it’s so bad it’s good like with princess diaries 2 royal engagement. Furthermore even if the sequels aren’t as good as their originals that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth watching. Take Jurassic World for example. It’s not as good as Jurassic Park but it’s still good in it’s own rights. So yeah that’s what I think should happen. One more thing you can also add marvel movies along with Star Wars in Disneycember. They are owned by Disney and it will be interesting to see your point of view on them.

  6. Lion of the Lord

    The Plot to Jurassic World 2: Revenge of Indominus Rex! (Nostalgia Critic)

    Hello everyone I am Lion of the Lord and I am here to express a request to the Nostalgia Critic for a video. If you read the title, this is my idea on what I think the next Jurassic World should be. He did the same thing with Frozen 2 and I thought why the hell he can’t do a similar video for Jurassic World. I hope he reads this over and considers the idea. I’m not after fame, glory or wealth; I just have an idea and what to share it. Hell if he does do it and Hollywood takes note of it and wants to use this idea, I say let them have it. I will hold no copy right grounds over this subject. I am just a fan of the series and I think this is a good idea to consider.

    Onto the plot.

    After the events of Jurassic World InGen, with tens of thousands of lawsuits against them is facing financial bankruptcy. If this wasn’t enough the Costa Rica government is declaring that the Dinosaurs of InGen are too dangerous and are nothing short of unnatural monsters and should be destroyed for humanities safety. In response to this InGen’s representatives such as Owen Grady, Dr. Henry Wu, Barry and Claire Dearing, (Once again played by Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, B.D. Wong and Omar Sy.) Make an argument that despite the clear danger of the animals that they have a right to live. Thus Ingen makes a deal with the local government to transfer all the dinosaurs from Isla Nublar to Isla Sorna were the dinosaurs can live in the wild with the other dinosaurs.

    While the Nublar dinosaurs were captured and used for the park, thanks to John Hammond in Lost World Jurassic Park and the San Diego incident the dinosaurs from Sorna were left alone to live free in the wild. Thus InGen takes control of Sorna and it becomes a wild life sanctuary. However despite events InGen has other plans. After rebuilding the Nublar they turn the island into a standard theme park. Guests start returning however the income is not the greatest for Ingen as it was back when the park was alive and kicking. They want to reopen the park as a dinosaur attraction again on Nublar again but until the Costa Rica government changes their minds Nublar remains a standard theme park.

    Yet despite this InGen in control of Sorna starts having wild life safaris. Guests despite knowing the dangers long to see dinosaurs again take up this event and take boat rides from Nublar to Sorna. (After all when people can’t visit a zoo, they go on dangerous safaris.) This works for Ingen to make a more positive image so they can one day recapture the dinosaurs and bring them back to the park again. Guests sign a more or less waver and staff warns the people about the possible dangers of the wildlife. Therefore should anything happen to guests InGen can brush it off as an unfortunate wild life encounter. They do however do their best to try and keep things safe as possible for the people.

    Thanks to satellite imagery and modern technology InGen maps out safe routs for drivers to take people out on. They note that most of the predatory dinosaurs are in specific locations and so this helps reduce the threat of a dangerous encounter. Furthermore the safaris are on a daylight schedule to help reduce risk. The guests go on safari military like trucks manned by a three staff. A driver, a guide and an armed personal. The trucks hold about ten to twenty people at once and they drive along the safe routs to help avoid harm. Despite things running smoothly InGen works on a side project compounding with the movie.

    InGen working on military dinosaurs has built a facility on the other end of the island were guests aren’t allowed to go. Inside Dr. Henry Wu along with several staff members are back at work on the Indominus Rex however the twist here is that it is the sibling to the original on Nublar. That’s right they faked Indominus eating it’s sibling. They did this so that they could have one of the dinosaurs as a full on military test subject while the other would be meant for the park. Now I envision that this new Indominus Rex will be a little different. First off it will be male. InGen did this to make it bigger and bulkier and more aggressive. Furthermore it will be a sporting black instead of a mist white.

    Lets face it black is more intimidating and it will make the red eyes pop. It’s skin will be tougher and it may have some tail weapon, like a club or spiked tail for flare and use. If this wasn’t enough it could be allowed to breathe fire. Now hear me out. In dragons a fantasy made real their dragon has flight bladders that converted bacteria into a gas. This combined with platinum and air produced fire and this could be used to make things interesting. Now just like in the show the flame will not be unlimited. It will have a flame limit by the amount of gas it has in it’s body and by the platinum in it’s mouth. Thus it will have an appetite to eat more meat and it will have a craving for platinum.

    Hence it will seek out visitor trucks because they have a touch of platinum in them and meaty people. Now how will it escape you might ask? Well inside the facility mentioned with Dr. Henry Wu, a storm will happen and a large tree will fall on the electric fence. Broken raptors take advantage of the opening. Guards go to fix the fence but it is too late and the raptors are in. They go forth into the control room were new Indominous Rex is being held and the controls will be broken and the beast shall break free from it’s prison. Dr. Henry Wu after escaping goes to Safari center and tells Owen Grady, Barry and Claire Dearing about what has happened. He will state how he lied and then they all decide to go out and kill it before hell happens and InGen goes under.

    Meanwhile Indominous freed starts causing hell on the island. Immediately Dinosaurs both predator and pray are forced out of their territories in a scramble. Stampedes happened and safe routes are no longer safe and you can guess the drill, random attacks, stampedes and many people become trampled, lost or lunch. Owen Grady, Barry and Claire Dearing decide to go out and save those people in trouble out of the safari while also out on the hunt for Indominous. Indominous looking to feed finds the spinosaurus on the river. (Yeah, yeah I know everybody hates it but I don’t think it’s a bad dino, I just think it was given a bad movie. Still hear me out.)

    As you’d expect, a fight brakes out between the two dino’s and Indominous kills spino. (Yay and awesome!) After some time Owen Grady and Barry finds some survivors and do what they can to lead them back to the visitor center. They come across the body of Spino with it’s body riddled with deep gashes, bite marks with it’s head missing and nowhere to be seen. Hastening their pace to the center, they are attack by raptors driven out of their territory by Indominous. Fighting while being attack people are picked off until Owen Grady notices Blue, the surviving raptor form Jurassic World. He calls out to her and after some banner Blue orders the other raptors to stop killing.

  7. Lion of the Lord

    She became alpha of the mass raptor pack. (The raptors will be a mixture of color styles from all movies.) Despite driving them off the raptors stick aground in the shadows stalking the people. For even though Blue is alpha and respects Owen Grady as it’s alpha the other raptors are not so passive. Keeping an eye on one another Lowery Cruthers played by Jake Johnson has been monitoring everything in the visitors center through satellite and keeping radio contact with everyone keeping them up to date on what is happening on the island want what dinos are possibly near them. When he discovers that Indominous Rex is heading here to the center he knows that they are all in danger.

    Thus he goes out to get more teeth. (You know where I’m going with this.) He takes a bag with him and goes on a motorcycle into the jungle after warning them about Indominous. Indominous has mainly eluded the satellites because of it’s camouflage and body heat control. Thus it has been an unavoidable pain in trying to track down. As they near as night falls on the facility with hope at last here, the raptors take note that something is wrong. Indominous attacks and it becomes a mad dash to safety. Owen then tells Blue to attack Indominous and it along with the other raptors attack as well. (The raptors under Blue’s control were forced out of their territory as explained earlier so payback is enviable.)

    Meanwhile Lowery Cruthers inside the jungle stops his bike and starts revving the motorcycle while lighting a flare. A roar is heard and he drives off. Meanwhile as the raptors buy time for the people to get behind the safety of the electrical fence, Blue is flung into the fence and fried. (BLUE NO!!!!!) The raptors defeated Indominous glares at Owen and others. It saw how the fence was on and thus people assume they are safe. But then Indominous notices the safari transports outside of the fence, (Perhaps broke down after one of the various dino attacks or in full working order among others.) and then hurls it at the fence.

    A section of fence destroyed the power goes out for the whole thing and Indominous charges through the fence. Chaos rages as it attacks the center and those inside. (There will be people waiting for the boats or something.) Guns blaze but are ill effective and thus as it seems that all hope is lost, the cycle is heard in the distance along with deep footsteps. Indominous pauses and turns the crowd turns, and out from the jungle Lowery Cruthers appears holding the flare with one arm like a torch and rides towards the center. Just then as trees fall down the T-rex from Nublar appears with a roar but she’s not alone.

    From behind the other two T-rex’s from Lost World appear. (O yah you know what happens now! *Plays Mother F*cking T-rex song*) Roars are exchanged and it is a colossal titan battle royal! The T-rex charge Indominous Rex charge, bites are exchanged claws and slashes are given, people run in awe and terror, stands are trampled. Indominous Rex then blows fire on male T-rex from Sorna and it falls to the ground. Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna T-rex attack with vengeance. Female Sorna T-rex tackles Indominous, Indominous then swings it’s arm then female Sorna T-rex loses an eye and is knocked back. Nublar T-rex then bites and rips off Indominous’s arm.

    Indominous Rex bites back. Female Sorna T-rex then charges and clamps down on Indominous Rex shoulder and slams him into the ground. Indominous Rex then tail slaps Sorna T-rex and kicks it away. Nublar T-rex then stomps Indominous and bites down. Indominous pulls away after losing one of it’s head crests. Standing the dino’s stare one another down with menacing glares. Exhausted but not defeated all knows this will be the final move. Then Male Sorna T-rex whom we thought was dead after fire was breathed on it, comes from the sides and bites the leg of Indominous. It roars in pain and both other T-rex’s charge and bite down on Indominous.

    The three T-rex’s then push it off the cliff into the sea’s, (Btw the visitor’s center is on a cliff. It has stairs that lead down the cliff and onto docks below.) and Indominous Rex drowns for it is unable to swim. The battle won, victory given, the T-rex’s then leave but not before Nublar T-rex looks at our main hero’s and as it passes the gates it pays respect to fallen Blue. And then the people are saved and happy ending but who cares? The three T-rex’s climb the highest mountain and at the tallest summit they look out over the island as the sun rises and they let out a triple roar saying, we are Mother F*cking T-rex’s!

  8. Lion of the Lord

    P.S Review Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars! It’s a bad cartoon movie. It has singing balloons! There’s an It joke in there somewhere.

  9. Lion of the Lord

    Review Millionaire Dogs the animated movie. It has singing dogs! There’s an animated titanic joke in there.

  10. It IS possible to run in heels… not for long but it IS possible. Wow, I really wish that Rob’s character had more scenes in the review. Doug’s country character should be added to the NC reviews. 😀 HAHA.

  11. Kissing-Coreographer. Your dad is such a talented man! 😀

  12. I really loved this review! I was pretty excited to watch the behind the scenes of it too! Now that I saw it I couldn’t stop smiling! What a great different review! 😀

  13. I was wondering

    when shooting outside, and there are planes in the air, do you ever do ADR?

    Hmm, maybe I should pretend like getting a phone call from the casting director of Game of Thrones…:-O


    • Keep in mind, if you go back to his review on the movie, when it shows those scenes where you hear planes flying above, the scenes were muted. The scenes were just being acted out while the Critic talks over them 🙂

  14. My one single problem with Jurassic World was the fanwank. I hate fanwank. Even when it’s wanking to something I like. Because it’s always cheap, forced and obvious so audience members can notice and feel like they’re clever. In this

    I for one liked the concept of Indominus rex even if the execution was a little lackluster. Despite the Critic’s bizarre notion that it resembles a raptor (it doesn’t, really), it’s basically a spiky albino T-rex with long arms and big punchosaurus hands (thank you, AgentJR). Except for the, like, two times it camouflages itself, and the fact it can grab people in its hands, it really doesn’t do anything the many T-rexes before it did. So you HAD your “motherfucking T-rex” long before the actual dinosaur showed up, in everything but name, because that’s all I-rex was; a roid-rage T-rex.

    Despite this, I still liked its design. Bullshit science aside, it came across as an actual genetic hybrid. The Critic’s intentionally farcical suggestions about things like wings on a T-rex have been done before in cartoons like Jonny Quest (no, seriously, there was an episode where a guy had a winged T-rex).

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