Making of Nostalgia Critic – Lady in the Water

Find out what went into making the Nostalgia Critic review of Lady in the Water.

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  1. You certainly spent a lot of time on that opening scene. So that’s where the Waddles toy comes from. Pity the show is ending. IF only you had done that joke with animators. A popular MLP reboot?

  2. you gotta make an episode of demo reek about the idea you guys came up with the oranges and two you gotta have brad be the director.

  3. I myself have a no R-rating policy. Heck, even the show Gotham is a little too much for me sometimes. The more movies that are R-rated, the less trips to the movie theater I can make and I LOVE going to the movies. Gore is hard for me to sit through so meh, that’s life, I suppose.

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