Making of Nostalgia Critic: Matrix Reloaded

Making of the Nostalgia Critic – Matrix Reloaded. There’s a Shmucker born every minute!

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  1. More Tamara in leather? Yaaaay.

  2. I think “Sleeze-us” works better….

  3. Yeah, I remember the party scene from the second Matrix movie. I was 9 at the time and it was on the TV and so that scene was at least cut down to about three minutes but even that seemed long. Tamara, I can’t believe you still haven’t see these movies! I mean, they’re not great but they’re good in my humble opinion. I overall like the first two movies. Haha. Tamara in leather reminds me of Britney Spears in that SNL leather skit.

  4. I love how Tamara sucks her cheeks in. It’s a small addition but it works so well.

  5. Always love the behind the scenes. Hey, when is your next Bum Review or Sibling Rivalry going to be? Just curious.

  6. please review Drive Angry.

  7. All that effort for the studio lighting, green screen, but you guys are using that little camera and no boom mic? Hell you don’t have to get a Red One, but at least get something with some more quality. I realize that these are just going up on the web, but there is a huge diff in quality now that we all watch in HD with high speed internet. Look at Cinemassacre, all of his stuff looks fantastic. Plus I noticed you still don’t deinterlace your movie footage, so there are always horrible scan lines in it. You must be using DVD for the footage, but you can easily click ‘deinterlace’ options when you capture the video, or even if your copying it straight from the DVD.

  8. What about the animated version of The Secret Garden?

  9. Doug must be the best boss ever just letting Tamara have a nap like that

  10. It’s too bad you guys were sick. At least you’re better now.

    I still like seeing how much work is put into these videos. When you’re watching the actual review you never really think about it.

  11. Ah! I love all of the guys fussing over Tamara. ^__^ <3

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