Making of Nostalgia Critic: Osmosis Jones

Sad eyes, Chris Rock, and FAN ART!!!!

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  1. Can anyone do me a favor and name all the people? Malcolm acts like we should know who they are, but I’m not sure. (I may have a slight bit of face blindness and thus have trouble when they are all wearing wigs and I don’t know them all that well.)

  2. I STILL haven’t seen Inside Out. LOL. Wow, Tamara’s brother is kinda hot or maybe it was just the argyle sweater. Wait, wasn’t that the Chris Rock dude from Pop Quiz Hotshot?

  3. Hellooo, Taylor 😉

  4. So the girls find Tamra’s brother hot, eh? Seems the Chambers family has been blessed with attractiveness! 😉

  5. Tamara’s brother is pretty hot! ^^ Seems like a cool guy too, hope to see him more in the next videos!

  6. Tamera and Taylor look similar in face but you couldn’t find a more opposing pair dimensions wise! Tyler is huge!

  7. Heh. A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ joke quickly slipped in there. :3

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